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This website will help you improve your airsoft skills. From shooting accuracy to planing and other airsoft training to become a leader in every game.


Best Airsoft Facemask

Best Airsoft Face Mask

Best Airsoft Face Mask Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: We all need an Airsoft mask to play in the game. You cannot even attend any airsoft game without a mask or any other kinds of face

Best Airsoft AK47

Best Airsoft Ak47

Best Airsoft AK47 Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: The AK-47 is definitely the most iconic assault rifle around. Not many people know the exact name of a run-of-the-mill rifle, but everyone will know what you’re talking

Best Airsoft DMR

Best Airsoft DMR

Best Airsoft DMR Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: When you are preparing yourself for an Airsoft game a fundamental part of the checklist are the guns you will use. You want to have accurate, fun and

Airsoft Recoil

Why Do Airsoft Guns Have No Recoil?

Why Do Airsoft Guns Have No Recoil? Introduction: When people ask me ‘why do airsoft guns have no recoil’, I tell them that is the wrong question. Because airsoft guns do have recoil. But the

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