Airsoft Knife

Should You Use a Knife in Airsoft?

Today I shall discuss whether you should use a knife in airsoft or not. The question if you should use a knife in airsoft or not can be answered in different ways from different perspectives. But first of all- Do your airsoft game rules allow a knife? The very first question needed to be answered […]

UTG Gen 5

Top 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Reviewed in 2020

Airsoft is one of the intense and challenging sports which replicates the real gunfight. Not to mention it is also used as a training method to increase the shooting accuracy and another necessary skill set of a marksman. So, as fun and intensity of a sport as it is also pretty useful for military purposes. […]

Airsoft Drills

5 Airsoft Training Drills You Need To Master in 2020

For those of you thinking you would start playing airsoft or are facing problems while playing airsoft, have one thing in common. Practice. Yes, like any other sport, we all need the practice to become good at it. Some people are good from the go, but others, like us, are not that good from the […]

Matrix VSR10 MB07 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Top 10 Best Airsoft Guns of 2019 for Beginners Reviewed

 What are the best airsoft guns in 2019? In this very article, we are going to find out together.      There are dozens of factors that decide the airsoft games. Airsoft is not the kind of game that you can win solely based on your skill level. It also depends on your teammates, the venue and […]

How to win airsoft war

How To Win An Airsoft War | 21 Great Tips That Work

We play airsoft for fun. And of course, we want to win the airsoft war that we play. Let’s just say, we want to have fun and win. Today, I am going to talk about 20 great tips that will help you to win an airsoft war Choose a good Team Leader  A team leader […]

Airsoft vs BB gun

If You Read One Article About Airsoft VS BB Read this One

Many people today believe that Airsoft guns and BB guns are the same things. But that’s actually not the case. So are you shocked by the blunt revelation? I was too! Until I stumbled upon Wikipedia the other day. I was researching online on the topic Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? While scouring through people’s […]

Can you kill animals with airsoft gun?

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? | A Brief Discussion

Many of you from the world of airsoft often wondered, despite it being a relatively harmless weapon how much damage can you cause with an airsoft gun? That being said there are no set rules for determining that. Yeas we all know that it hurts hella lot being shot with an airsoft gun. But can […]

Airsoft Roles

Airsoft Roles | The Insider’s Guide

If you are planning to start games playing airsoft but having difficulty to choose an airsoft role, let me help you. I am not an airsoft expert myself. But as an airsoft enthusiast or fan and as an airsoft player, I can give you a solid idea about the airsoft roles. Then you can choose […]