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This website will help you improve your airsoft skills. From shooting accuracy to planing and other airsoft training to become a leader in every game.


Airsoft Roles

Airsoft Roles | The Insider’s Guide

Airsoft Roles The Insider’s Guide Introduction: If you are planning to start games playing airsoft but having difficulty to choose an airsoft role, let me help you. I am not an airsoft expert myself. But

Airsoft Legal Issues

Legal Issues in Airsoft: Where Is Airsoft Legal?

Legal Issues In Airsoft Where Is Airsoft Legal? Introduction: Airsoft is a team shooting sport via the players use the replica of real-world weapon.  It’s one of the most interactive sports. Airsoft is originated in

Best Airsoft Revolver

Best Airsoft Revolvers

Best Airsoft Revolvers Ultimate Buying Guide Introduction: Before choosing an airsoft weapon the most important things to look at are how realistic the replica is, what type of power source and the FPS. Airsoft revolvers

Airsoft Rules

What does fps mean in Airsoft

what does fps mean in airsoft? What does FPS stand for? Introduction: FPS stands for every second on one foot for sure, as it is fairly fast once a person shoots, FPS is a term

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