20 Airsoft Rules for Beginners

That You Should Know in 2020


There are some basic airsoft rules that you must follow in the games. You should be accustomed to these rules beforehand. Wherever you play, the basic airsoft rules remain almost the same. Therefore, in this article, I am going to talk about the 20 Airsoft Rules that you should know before you start playing.

1) Airsoft Protection Rules

a) Eye Protection

Whatever you do, don’t start playing airsoft without any kind of eye protection. Unless you don’t want to get blind or seriously nasty wound in your eyes. You might not like to wear glasses, but playing airsoft without any kind of eye protection is the biggest mistake you can make while playing airsoft. Trust me.

And when I am saying Eye Protection, don’t wear normal glasses. Wear goggles, your normal glasses will get shattered by bb bullets. Don’t remove your eye protection until the game is over unless you are in the safe zone. Even you are a visitor not a player, you must wear a goggle or any kind of eye protection.

What is safe zone? We will discuss about it down there.

b) Face Protection

Your face is one of the softest spots in your body. So, when you get hit by bb bullets, it can hurt pretty badly. So, wearing face mask is one of the required things that you must do in an airsoft match. We would suggest using the face mask that comes with the ear protection.

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2) The Game Moderator

There is a game moderator in any airsoft game you play, anywhere in any venue. In a sport like airsoft there is always conflicts among the players about whether he got hit or not. Most of the times the players solves the situation or the conflicts themselves between them. However, there are times when things don’t go that way. Then, the game moderator who has the authority, stop the game for the time being. After judging the situations, he makes the final decisions on the situation.

And I think I don’t have to mention you got to respect the decisions of the game moderator. Don’t start arguing with him. It will make you get ejected from the game immediately. If you have any more objection regarding that, let him know politely.

3) Airsoft Safe Zone Rules

There is a Safe Zone in any venue arranging an airsoft game. The safe zone is the area where you are not allowed to open fire. If you enter the safe and open fire on anyone, it will immediately results in an ejection from that day of the event. Of course, you will be able to join the next day, but you got to play by the rules, right?

4) The Bang Rule/ Safety Kill

If you can get into or rather sneak near anyone you can just shout ‘Bang’ or ‘Safety kill’. Of course, you can shoot them with your riffle or the secondary weapon. But, as there is a Bang or Safety Kill rule already, you can avoid it.

Usually, it’s about 3 metres or 10 feet from your opponent, that you can apply this rule. Obviously you got to use common sense as well. You just cannot shout Bang and ask 4/5 person to go to re-spawn. And if anyone shout at you as ‘Bang’ or ‘Safety Kill’ don’t try to shoot them instead. Know and respect the rules and go to the re-spawn spot.

5) Getting Hit

When someone gets hit by opponents’ bullets, he or she must shout as ‘Hit’ and raise their arms over their head, slowly walk back to the re-spawn spot. Even, if your clothing got hit by the opponents’ BB, you are considered as ‘Hit’. Don’t try to cheat. Try to maintain a friendly environment and be honest.

If you ignore the rules of getting hit, and continue to play as you were, it is a violation. Such violation of rules shall be dealt immediately and severely. As a result you will be pulled out of the game that day of the event.

6) Airsoft Blind Man Rule

The phrase Blind Man is referred to any kind of real injury to the players. Once you hear anyone shouts ‘Blind Man’ you have to move him to a safe place and wait for the instruction comes from the game moderator. And if you get any real injury yourself, just shout ‘Blind Man’ and ask for help.

7) Airsoft Head Shot Rules

Always try to avoid head shots. Try to aim for the other body parts like hands, legs, whole body. As hitting anywhere in the body parts count, you don’t have to headshot people. It may cause some nasty injury. 

8) Airsoft Medic Rules

When a player gets hit, as usual he should shout ‘hit’ and sit down and put the orange/red rag on his head. To get the first aid support, another player must come and help healing the wounded player. Only after getting the medic, the previously wounded player would be able to continue playing. But you should remember this:

  • A wounded player cannot heal or provide first aid to another player.
  • One player only can get medic only one time in a game.
  • If a player gets hit after getting medic in anytime, he should be considered as KIA (Killed in Action).

If you want to know how to become an airsoft medic, check out our this article.

9) Airsoft Border Rules

There is a certain border around the airsoft venue. Don’t cross it while carrying airsoft guns and arms. Otherwise it may cause some serious misunderstanding and panic among the civilian. There are numerous incidents like that. People often call police thinking if it is a mass shooting or not.

And you cannot blame them for that. What would you do if you see someone from your backyard all geared up holding an assault rifle? So, whatever plans do pop up in your head, stay inside the borders of the venue.

10) Checking Weapons

Before every single game, all the weapons should be checked thoroughly by the Game Moderators. Under no circumstances can you bring a real gun in any airsoft game. And they will check and double check to make sure of that.

11) Weapons should be cased

All the airsoft weapons should be cased properly before transporting from the game venue or to the venue. The weapons can either be cased in a Gun case, or in the original gun box.

If you do not cover your airsoft guns properly it might make people confused it as a real firearm. So to avoid any and all kinds of unnecessary troubles, keep your weapons cased.

12) Physical Contact

No physical contact is permitted among the players or the moderators. You can’t physically attack someone. It’s a shooting game, not wrestling or something. So, abide the law, otherwise you will be banned from event.

13) Airsoft Sniper Safety Rules

In an airsoft game a sniper with a 400fps+ riffle must carry a sidearm. He should use this sidearm to shoot opponent closer than 50 feet or less. Under no circumstances he is allowed to shoot sniper BBs to people closer than 50 feet. A sniper should avoid hitting people in the face with his riffle intentionally

If a sniper don’t carry any sidearm at all and spot enemy he can either:

  1. wait for the opponent player to move to safe distance.
  2. The sniper should relocate to the safe range to avoid confrontation,

No automatic sniper rifle is allowed in Airsoft game.

14) Airsoft Blind Firing Rules

Blind Firing is definitely not one of those things that are permitted in airsoft. Any incident of blind firing may because you expel from the game. So, don’t try to fire blindly. Even if you hit someone accidentally you will get expelled.

15) Police interference

There may be an unwanted situation like this when the local police or the SWAT team got any misleading information about the game and enter the field. That could possibly be a dangerous situation until the police team gets convinced that this is a game, not a real thing.

So, what to do if the police enter the field?

The first thing you should consider doing is to enter the ‘Safe Zone’. You can either enter the safe zone with your arms holding above your head or putting them on the ground. Under no circumstance, you should resume playing until the police is convinced that it is a game.

Once all of you gather up in one place in the Safe Zone, make sure you put all your arms to a noticeable distance. So, that when the police see you, they will get no sign of threat from. And hopefully the situation will plunge quickly.

16) No Drugs or Alcohol

Like any other sports, alcohol and any drug that is illegal is not allowed in any airsoft game. Though there is no dope test involves here, but stay away from alcohol and drugs during the game.

It will be a much more enjoying game experience for everyone.

17) No real firearms

Even if you have firearms for your own protection, airsoft games don’t allow that in the field. So, either show off or the necessity, the real weapon is not permitted in the venue.

18) Airsoft BBs are allowed only

Only BBs are allowed in the game. So prior to the game, all ammo will be checked by the moderators. If they find anyone using other than bio ammo will be expelled from the game.

19) Pellet weight limit

There is a certain limit to the weight of the airsoft bullet. Anyone and everyone should follow the guidelines for that. Here is the list of the weight and fps limit:


AEG – 1.49J

Ball Bullet (BB) mass-Feet Per Second (FPS)
0.12g ______________517 fps
0.20g______________400 fps
0.23g______________373 fps
0.25g______________358 fps
0.29g______________332 fps
0.30g______________327 fps
0.34g______________307 fps
0.36g______________298 fps
0.43g______________273 fps


Ball Bullet (BB) mass-Feet Per Second (FPS)
0.12g______________710 fps
0.20g______________550 fps
0.23g______________513 fps
0.25g______________492 fps
0.29g______________457 fps
0.30g______________449 fps
0.34g______________422 fps
0.36g______________410 fps
0.43g______________375 fps


Ball Bullet (BB) mass-Feet Per Second (FPS)
0.20g______________475 fps

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