20 Amazing Airsoft Ghillie Suit Hiding Tips That Work

Airsoft Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit is probably the coolest outfit you will ever wear in airsoft. It looks great and moreover, it’s very effective. If you get adept to use this suit, you can become a nightmare for the enemy force.

You can just lay on a higher place and shoot down one by one by your sniper rifle from a distance. However, if you are not careful you can be easily found out by your enemies get shot before you know it. 

Therefore, in this post, I am going to tell you the Ghillie suit hiding tips so that you can master using the suit and bring absolute terror to the opposition. Let us begin, shall we? But for those of you who don’t know what Ghillie suit actually is, here is a briefing. 

What is a Ghillie Suit? 

Ghillie suit is one kind of camouflage clothing that helps you to blend in with nature. What it means is the camouflage hides you from a certain group of people or animals (for the hunters and photographers).

Generally, police, military personnel, and other law enforcement agencies uses Ghillie suits. However, the hunters and photographers use it too for their respective purposes. And we, airsoft players also use Ghillie suit to hide our identity and location from the enemies.    

Usually, a Ghillie suit is a cloth garment made by burlap or loose strips. The green Ghillie suits are the most popular ones, but there are many other kinds and colors of Ghillie suits too. For example, if you are playing in the snow, a white Ghillie suit will serve you most effectively. 

History of Ghillie Suit 

The idea of Ghillie suit is originated from Scottish mythology. In the folklore, there was a lonely male fairy named Ghillie Dhu. His name and the dress is the main influence of today’s Ghillie suit. It was the first time the concept got introduced.  

Airsoft Ghillie hiding tips 

1.Stay Still 

The first thing you need to do is, learning how to stay still in the same position. If you keep moving now and then, your enemies will notice you in no time. As a result, your cover will blow up. And you will get shot soon after. 

So, after getting in a suitable position, sit or lay in a comfortable manner. That way, you will be able to stay a long time in the same position. Now, that does not mean that you cannot move at all. You need to move, trust me. Just make sure, you do in as less movement as possible.  

2. Make sure you blend in 

The main goal of using a Ghillie suit is to blend in with your surroundings, right. 

Therefore, all of your efforts will be for nothing if you can’t get blend into the surroundings. So, make sure to blend in. Just imagine you are in your Ghillie Suit, laying still on high ground. But you didn’t pay enough attention to your surroundings to blend in, what shall happen? Your enemies will figure you out easily. 

3. Make sure your suit is suited to what you are doing 

Ghillie suits can be of different types. You can pick up a snow-white Ghillie suit, dessert suit, woodland suit or whatever you want. But make sure, whichever you pick, that suits the surroundings and what you are doing.  

At the end of the day, that is what we all aim at when we pick up a Ghillie suit. 

4. Camouflage your equipment 

Weapons and equipment are part and parcel of you when you are playing airsoft or hunting or whatever you are doing using Ghille suit. 

You cannot start playing with just your Ghillie suit. You need your primary and secondary weapon. And more importantly, you need them covered. You need to cover them like your own camouflage.

The suit and the weapons and other equipment should not be noticed separately. Otherwise, the there is no point camouflaging yourself, your enemies going to notice your equipments and notice you too. 

So keep that in mind before start playing. 

5. Relax 

In a silent place, even the sound of heavy breathing might be heard by others. In order to avoid that, you should always stay relaxed and composed. Otherwise, the irregular heavy breathing will give up your cover. 

Besides, you need to control your rhythm to stay focused. So stay relaxed.  

6. Go slow 

The more movements you make the easier it gets to notice you. But you must move in order to play airsoft, in order to take shots. Sometimes, you have to move in order to follow your target. And sometimes, you need to cover for your allies so, you have to move with them. 

Whenever you do that, whenever you move, always move slow. Remember, as you are using a Ghillie suit your enemies will less likely to notice you.

Therefore, unlike the other airsoft players, you need to think less about getting shot. In fact it is the opposite for you. The less you move the less it is likely to get shot. So, go slow. 

7. Stay away from bushes 

When you are playing airsoft wearing Ghillie suits, make sure to stay away from the bushes. If you are not very careful, you can make a noise that will make others aware of your presence. In that case, you will get shot down by your enemies. 

8. Make sure to put padding to cover your shoulder 

Form a large distance we can identify our enemy by recognizing the shape of the head and the shoulder. If you don’t want to get recognized, you need to put extra padding to those areas so that you won’t get noticed easily. 

9. Hide your face 

Hide your face with the face mask first. Then cover them with the Ghillie suit as well. Otherwise, enemies might notice you. If you are wearing glasses, make sure to cover them as well, otherwise, those will reflect the light and warn your enemies. And your position will be found out easily.  

So, to stay hidden, always hide your face with the suit as well. 

10. Move with the wind 

When you are on the move wearing the Ghillie suit, always count the wind. Use the wind and the noises as your advantage. This will help you to stay hidden while you are moving.