Month: July 2019

Airsoft Medic

How to become an Airsoft Medic 101

Medic in airsoft is not one of the most popular airsoft roles to play. But surely it gives great results on the battlefield. So, what to do? How to become an airsoft medic? Let’s find out how to become an Airsoft Medic.  Your friends will shout ‘Medic’ and won’t move   After getting a shot, your friends or […]

Airsoft Games

Legal Issues of Airsoft: Where Is Airsoft Legal?

 Airsoft is a team shooting sport via the players use the replica of real-world weapon.  It’s one of the most interactive sports. Airsoft is originated in Japan in 1989 when a similar game called paintball was gaining popularity in the USA.  Soon after that Airsoft got the highlight and became more and more popular. And […]