21 Airsoft Sniping Tips

to Become an Airsoft Sniper


In the airsoft world, Sniper is probably the most desired roles. Thanks to the Hollywood movies like Shooter, American Sniper, Sniper, Enemy at the gates, The Hurt Locker, sniping has become the coolest persona on the battleground.

Though, sniping takes composure, patience but, people often choose to be a sniper right off the bat they start airsoft. It takes training, practice and a lot of other things to be a great sniper or at least a good Airsoft sniper.

You cannot just become a good airsoft sniper as soon as you start playing airsoft. So, what do you need to know, what do you need to do to be a good airsoft sniper?

1) Know The Role

Airsoft Sniping or rather, in general, is sometimes a somewhat frustrating role to play. Why do you ask?

Suppose, you are crouching with your heavy gears, moving here and there, trying to locate the enemies and have a clear view to take the shot. And then even after getting hit by your 450/500 fps, the enemies decide to deny the hit. Isn’t it frustrating? Sometimes, it is.

Snipers get the least kill counts in the entire game usually. So, when the enemies deny the hits, yeah it’s frustrating. Don’t let the movies and video games fool you with all those artificial glory scenes.

It takes a lot than just your rifle, scope, camouflage, and BB bullets to be a great or at least decent sniper. You have to spend money and effort to train and practice, keep the composure by hard working. So, yeah it is hard to become a sniper. However, if you have the dedication and passion for it, then airsoft sniping is for you.

2) Side-arms are very important to an Airsoft Sniper

One of the most important things in airsoft is sidearm. Usually, people carry a pistol or any short sidearm with their primary weapons like M4A1 Carbine or AK47D. Sidearms are very fast loading and effecting at short range. Sometimes the riffle just gets jammed and won’t work or it. So the side arms come in extremely handy.

As for snipers, yeah it’s a lot more important. Sometimes you got exposed in front of the enemies and have to run as fast as you can to avoid getting hit. So, when you are running, you got to fire a few times to the enemies. This slows them down and often gives a few extra kills.

So for that, you got to have a sidearm with the sniper rifle.

3) Buy a good Airsoft Sniper rifle and pistol

If you are going for the sniper role in an airsoft game, you don’t have to pick up/ buy an expensive sniper rifle and pistol. But you just can’t buy the cheapest one either, if you want to have a good experience with it. Buy a decent, good rifle that you will modify later to make it as one of your body parts. Same goes to the secondary weapon.


Don’t buy something so cheap that will get broken in the middle of the game. Or don’t buy something too expensive that you will regret wasting money on. Go with the decent middle-priced sniper rifle.

4) Know your rifle

After you buy the rifle, you got to make yourself familiar with the rifle. You got to take care of the rifle

After finishing a game you cannot just toss your rifle up somewhere in your room. You have to clean the rifle part by part. You have to clean the barrel regularly if you don’t want your shot to deviate from the expected point too much. Sometimes your gun maybe got jammed or misfeed. Then you will have to lubricate it. You can also spray the silicon oil on your gun.

You will also have to take care of your magazines.

5) Modify your rifle to fit your needs

Modifications are essential to make the most out of your sniper rifle. You can increase the performance of your rifle quite a bit if you know what and how to modify and upgrade. If you want to modify your sniper rifle, the first thing you should do is to buy a precision inner barrel.

For Sniper Rifle, Tight Bore or Extreme Tight Bore barrels will boost your shooting accuracy. However, once you modify it with the inner barrel, you will have to clean the wreckage inside the barrel regularly.

And of course, do your research on which inner barrel suits your rifle most.

6) Buy a good scope for your gun

For a sniper, to neutralize the opponent from a great distance, the scope is absolutely necessary. No one could even imagine a sniper rifle without any scope on it. So, to become really good at airsoft sniping, one must have a decent scope on the top of the sniper rifle. And a pretty good understanding and familiarity with that.

There are quite expensive scopes as well as some decent scope at a reasonable price. Of course, you would not have to buy the most expensive stuff for that. Buy a medium-ranged scope.

7) Good camouflage

A good camouflage is just as important as any other essential things of the sniper rifle. A good camouflage hides you from to blend in the surroundings. Most of the time, if the game takes place near a forest, the green camouflage is the best one for that.

It will help you remain unnoticed for a time being.

You can either buy these types of camouflage online or you can make one at the home. Both are allowed in the field. But whatever you pick, make sure that is matched with the surroundings of the game venue/ field.

8) Buy some good ammunition

The bullets do the last job, they hit your target. After spotting, moving towards that, aiming precisely and pressing the trigger, the left of the job remains on the ammunition.

There are times when the bullets got stuck in the magazines.

So, instead of using some low-quality sniper ammunition, use some good ammunition. It will make things a little bit swifter.

9) Airsoft Sniping is an art of stealth

Sniping is an art. An art of stealth. You have to adopt the nature by practicing your composure. You will have to merge yourself with nature or surroundings in order to not been noticed. Lying calmly with minimal and gentle movement, spot the enemy, aim and then strike, all of this is no fluke. You have to practice hard to master these skills. Only then you will be able to master the art of being stealth.

So, before the real game, practice hiding, lying, moving slowly with minimal movement while keeping an eye on your target. If you can master this set of skills, you will do great in the actual game.

10) Nobody gets left behind

Airsoft is not a solo game. It is a team sport. You have to support your teammates. You have to cover for them, rescue them, and sometimes help them locating enemies. Locating enemies and giving their locations is one of the major jobs of a sniper.

Likewise, whenever anyone of your teammate got pushed to the corner, or is being chased by the opponent, it is your duty as a sniper to cover for him. Even, when your teammates are falling back or pushing forward, you will have to cover for them. You will have to make sure no one is been left behind.

11) Become comfortable in all situations

One of the main things you must learn to become an airsoft sniper is to become comfortable in all situations. You must adapt to your surroundings. If you cannot keep your calm in a new surrounding, you will make unnecessary movements. And with unnecessary movements, you are bound to be noticed by someone.

So, the key to success is to become comfortable in the situation you are in.

12) Be patient

A sniper must always keep their head cool and be patient. Sometimes, sniper spots multiple enemies at the same time. In that kind of situation, if he loses his composure and tries to shoot them quickly down with a bolt action rifle, there is a very high probability he will get noticed right away.

But, a good sniper will try to take them all down one by one with as less moves as possible. And he will take the shots at a time that his position shall not be flashed. Sometimes if it’s an overwhelming odds, a sniper won’t take any shot with no backup. He would rather not shoot a single enemy than to be noticed immediately by them.

13) Always prepare an escape route

The tide of the game may change at any time. Your position may get revealed at any time. Once your position is revealed to the enemy, the first thing you should do is to move from that area. Or else you will get hit sooner or later.

So, it is better to think and prepare an escape route to fall back. Don’t think for a second that you can take on multiple enemies if your position is revealed. Maybe, if you were still hidden in the bush, you could take 3/4/5 enemies. But, once they find you, it’s useless. Try to escape while using your secondary weapon to fire back.

And one more thing, while you are escaping, don’t use your sniper rifle. Use the secondary weapon to fire back at enemies.

14) Keep on the move

Don’t lie or sit in one place for too long. Keep changing your locations. Move around all the time. Or else sooner or later people will notice you. But that is not the main reason that you need to be on the move. If you always stay in one position or place, you will hardly get many enemies to shot at.

It is true most of the time. However, if you find a very good place like a high ground from where you get a clear view of a vast area, that’s a different issue. In that case, you will get the easy kill for a long way. But even then, there is a very good chance that someone of the opponent team will notice you and snipe you back.

So, the main reason is that, by laying too much time in the same position, you become an easy target for another sniper, if he notices you. So, it’s better to keep on the move.

15) A limited number of shots you can take

If you are a sniper you get a limited number of shots to take. As you have to hide your location to possibly take a few more enemies down, you can’t let the enemy know your location. If they find out your location it is an easy task for their sniper to take you out to.

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So, don’t spam bullets or take half a dozen shots to take down an enemy. The ammo is costly as well. Therefore, it is wise to spot an enemy observe his movement, calculate, and then take a shot.

16) Clean your gears to keep them in tip-top condition

If you always keep your weapons clean and lubricate it on a regular basis, it would be always ready to play with. But, if you never ever find your time to wash or clean it once in a while, sooner or later you will find it hard to shoot with. Maybe the bullets will deviate to the left or right. It may happen because of the debris that you didn’t clean in the barrel.

So, once in a while clean your gears and weapons to have it in tip-top condition.

17) Be aware at all times

Always be on your guard. Never let your guard down when you are in an airsoft game. That’s true especially if you are a sniper. The thing is when you are a sniper, you get to move less often than other players to take a clean shot. So, whenever you are observing and taking a shot, you have to be aware of your surroundings as well. Otherwise, you may get snipped or even someone will take you back without you even noticing anything.

18) Find a place to snipe

The first thing you should consider doing as an airsoft sniper after the game starts is to find a place to snipe. If you can’t find a place to hide yourself soon enough, you will be at little use to your team. Therefore, find a place to snipe soon and then hide there, take a position and observe your enemy.

19) Targeting

To be able to take down your enemy you have to target them and then shoot your BB bullets. When you are an airsoft sniper you can’t just shoot right after you notice someone. You have to measure the distance, enemy’s movement and predict the bullet drop then take a shot.

20) Spotted

If you ever get spotted by your enemies, don’t think twice. Move

Pick up your rifle, draw your secondary weapon, keep an eye on your enemy and move to another spot. If your movements are followed by your enemy don’t camp there. Look around. Move around. Find a better place. Then camp there and search for a target.

21) Long Shot Practice

The key to success at anything, any shooting game is to practice hard. So, yes you have to practice to have a better aim. As airsoft sniping is all about taking long shots, you need to get used to the long shots. There will be wind, there will be bullet drop, the enemy will move constantly. You will have to learn to calculate those things and create an aim based on that.

After practicing a long shot, eventually, you would be able to get these skills set in your muscle memory. If you want to learn about the basic rules of Airsoft, read this article- Basic Rules of Airsoft

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