Airsoft Fields Near Me



It is always more fun when you play airsoft with more people. Airsoft fields will give you that taste. If you are a lone-wolf like most of us, you are probably airsoft stuck playing with only 3/4 of your friends.

Here are 10 of the very best Airsoft fields near you in the United States that will help you to play more exciting games. In the lower sections, there are other few airsoft venues as well. Don’t forget to check them as well.

1. New York – Rochester Airsoft

This is the largest indoor venue/field in New York. Well, considering the 20,000 square feet is pretty large for an indoor airsoft field. Everyone must sign the waiver prior to the game. The participant must print the pdf of the waiver beforehand. There is plenty of cover at the venue.

New York – Rochester Airsoft

The game masters and the authorities are very friendly. They assist in choosing which gear you should pick. So even if you are a newbie, you won’t be facing much of a trouble.

They have an airsoft shop of course. You can either buy or rent your necessary arms and gears there. They offer proper assistance with the rental services as well. There is enough cover in the venue to hide and take shot however you like even in the middle of a push in.

The place is neat and clean, so you do not have to worry about that. This is a perfect airsoft field for anyone in the winter as you will feel a lot warm and comfortable here.


121 Lincoln Ave, Rochester, NY 14611, USA


Friday & Saturday 2 pm to 12 am

Sunday 12pm to 10pm

2. Virginia – Ballahack Airsoft Field

Ballahack Airsoft Field is an outdoor facility with very friendly personnel. They are very professional when it comes to managing the facility and the games. All of the events and the rules that they regulate are well organized.

Virginia – Ballahack Airsoft Field

Ballahack airsoft field has a large online community. So you can build quite a few friends there. That way it will feel a lot more comfortable when you actually start playing in there. And also after the game, you all can hang out online easily.

They arrange an event every month. Therefore if you are looking for an event you can attend there in every month or so. And obviously there are regular games too.

The fee is 25$ for a day. That is pretty convenient for a day. They have a shop where you can buy or rent the weapon and gears there. And of course, you can bring your own weapons.


2900 Ballahack Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322, USA


Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

3. New Jersey – Cobra One Tactical Airsoft Field

They have very well-trained staff with friendly behavior. 

New Jersey – Cobra One Tactical Airsoft Field

One of the cool things that the Cobra One Tactical Airsoft Field offer is the training session. You can even train and practice before starting the game. There are not many airsoft fields that offer that facility.

Another unique feature that I truly like about them is that they host both night and day events. Trust me it gets way more fun during the night time. If you get to play in the Cobra One field do play a game at night.

You can buy weapons and gears from their local shop. Yapp, they also have a pro shop there. They will help you out with the details and what weapon you should pick.


25 Island Road Great Meadows, New Jersey 07838


Events only

4. California – US AIRSOFT WORLD

US Airsoft World has its own sports shop as well. They have a large variety of guns and rifles. You can find different types of airsoft games that they arrange here. There are 15 different types of airsoft games actually as far as I know.


The customers find it very comfortable, because of their well prepared and well-experienced staff. The venue is family-friendly. They often let people arrange a kid’s birthday party here. They have over 10 acres of land offering the various kinds of airsoft games.  


4506 Panorama Point Rd, Anderson, CA 96007, USA


6pm to 11pm- Friday

9 am to 4 pm- Saturday and Sunday

5. Tennessee – GSF Airsoft

Tennessee – GSF Airsoft
Tennessee – GSF Airsoft

Tennessee GSF Airsoft has an indoor arena for CQB and huge outdoor bases too. The indoor CQB arena is about 18000 square feet which are used for close combat experience. And the outdoor terrain is a sum of interesting bases.

The staffs offer lessons for beginners or newbies. You will find them very helpful and well prepared. The store that they have is pretty well equipped with a variety of airsoft guns and gears. You can have a pretty fun and challenging experience.


5485 US-11E, Piney Flats, TN 37686, USA

6. Florida – Wasteland OPS Airsoft Field

Wasteland OPS Airsoft Field of Florida is one of the well-known airsoft fields out there in the USA. They have a wide range of various kinds of airsoft guns and gear. As the staffs there are very friendly you can ask for their help and get to know your weapons a little more. They are well trained.

Florida – Wasteland OPS Airsoft Field
Florida – Wasteland OPS Airsoft Field

The airsoft field is great for CQB games. The overall area of the venue is about 22 acres.

All kinds of airsoft players are welcome here. Children, teenagers, and adults everyone is welcome here. They even arrange special events and birthdays there. So feel free to reach out to them for the events.


12888 US-441, Belleview, FL 34420, USA

7. New York – Strikeforce Sports

Strikeforce Sports of New York is an indoor airsoft facility. The total area of the field is about 65000 square feet. Though that is quite small compared to the previous airsoft fields we have discussed so far.

New York – Strikeforce Sports
New York – Strikeforce Sports

On the other hand, this venue is only for indoor games. No outdoor games are arranged here.

Therefore, for an indoor facility, 65000 square feet is well enough. Well enough to have a good airsoft experience.

They have a pro shop there like all the other airsoft fields. You can either buy or rent from them. And obviously you can bring your own equipment always. You can always seek their help and guidance, they are willing to help you through any situation you face about the games.


450 Commack Rd, Deer Park, NY 11729, USA

8. Maryland – Tactical Airsoft Arena

The tactical airsoft arena of airsoft is about 3600 square feet. This venue basically is used for close combat battles. So if you are interested in outdoor airsoft games, this is not the option. It is one of the best airsoft fields in the US.

Maryland – Tactical Airsoft Arena

They can arrange private parties there. The field is well organized. You will have an enjoyable experience there.

The staffs there are friendly, so do not hesitate about talking to them. They have 9 rooms there and several hallways.


20 Southlawn Ct B, Rockville, MD 20850, USA

9. California – Gamepod Combat Zone

California’s GCZ is the world’s largest indoor facility dedicated to airsoft games. The total surface of this airsoft facility that is about 120000 square feet.

California – Gamepod Combat Zone
One of the things that separate this facility from any other one is that this field is used by the government and law enforcement agencies. They run different types of training exercises here. You can play both close combat and long-range games here.

And of course, you can buy and rent any weapons you like. You can organize any special events here. However, you have to match the schedule with them.


1400 West 4th Street Unit 2, Antioch, California

10. New York – Buffalo Battleground

The buffalo battleground of New York has a 22000 square feet indoor facility for airsoft lovers. You can play both individual and group airsoft games here. The challenges and situations of the venue make the games all the more realistic.

New York – Buffalo Battleground
New York – Buffalo Battleground

The staff there are very friendly and willing to help if you seek any. They will also help you choose your weapons. Just ask for their guidance.

You can buy all the necessary equipment there if you do not have or this is your first airsoft game.  


1888 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda NY 14150

FAQ about Airsoft Fields

What is an airsoft field?

Airsoft field means an area or a facility dedicated to airsoft games. They can be either Indoor or Outdoor. Sometimes it can be a combination of both indoor and outdoor.

In a more short and simple way, an airsoft field is a place or facility where you can play airsoft with others.

How much does it cost to play on an airsoft field?

The airsoft fields usually charge around 10$-30$ per day. However, the airsoft guns, ammunition, or other equipment rent are not included with this. You can rent any equipment you want and you have to pay the extra fee accordingly. And if you want to use your own equipment, that is fine too. They will check your equipment beforehand, obviously.

How far should I expect to drive to play airsoft?

It totally depends on where you live. If you live here in the United States, you can expect to drive 2-3 hours to get to the airsoft field. If you live in a country where airsoft is not legal, or there is no facility to play airsoft, good luck with that. You might need a plane ticket then.

Jokes apart, there are several airsoft fields here in the United States. We discussed all the airsoft fields in the United States. 

What makes a good airsoft field?

Almost all of the fields cost almost the same range. Rather than looking at the rent price you should consider other things to find out if the airsoft field is good or not. These 3 things in my humble opinion affect an airsoft field 

  • Safety

Check if the game field has all the safety
measures under control. How you can do that? Simply ask the authority of the
game field.

  • Referee/game master

The referee or the game master is the one
who maintains the game and his decision is final during the game.

  • Good conduct rules

So, every game field has its own set of rules that all the players must follow.

What do I do if I can’t find an airsoft field near me?

If you live in the US you should find an airsoft field in every state. But not everyone lives in the USA and not everywhere is an airsoft field. So if you can’t find an airsoft field, you can use an open field or a free place to play airsoft with your friends.

However, before doing that make sure you are allowed by the law of your country or state (Airsoft Legal Issues).

What are the essential items required to play at an airsoft field?

You should have these 3 things at the very least-

  • Airsoft gun
  • The Airsoft BBs
  • Airsoft goggles

You should not be able to play airsoft without any single one of these. Therefore these 3 are essential.

Do I need to call ahead, or do I just show up to the field on game day?

If you are going to play in a regular airsoft game, you
don’t need to call ahead for that. But if you are going to attend an event then
you should register your name beforehand. So, remember that.

Do I need to sign a waiver to play airsoft?

Yes, almost all of the standard airsoft games require to sign a waiver. And why should you sign a waiver to play airsoft? That is because sometimes there are unwanted injuries that occur in a match. You can print out the copy from the website of the sight beforehand and sign that. Otherwise, the authorities will give you themselves. You just have to agree and sign that document.

Airsoft Fields Near Me in USA

To find Airsoft fields and arenas in your state, check out the list below courtesy of the fine fellas over at (who also sell an incredible selection of equipment)

Airsoft fields in Alaska

  • Repp Road
    Paintball Field

Airsoft fields in Alabama

  • Apache
    Tactical Airsoft
  • Cobra
    Urban Combat
  • Lothian
    Airsoft Theater
  • Mt. Doom
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Ridgeline
  • Rose Hill
    War Zone
  • The
    Foundation Airsoft Association

Airsoft fields in Arkansas

  • Timberline
    Adventure Park

Airsoft fields in Arizona

  • Disruptive
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Fightertown
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Freedom
  • VIP
  • Wild West
    Paintball and Airsoft Park

Airsoft fields in California

  • Airsoft
  • Airsoft
    Extreme Arena
  • Ambush
    Airsoft Park
  • Camp
    Pendeton Airsoft Park
  • Code Red
    Airsoft Park
  • Combat
    Paintball Park
  • CQB City
  • DSOC
  • Fresno
    Airsoft Arena
  • Gamepod
    Combat Zone
  • Giant
    Airsoft Hollywood Sports
  • Giant
    Airsoft San Diego
  • Gorilla
  • HBC
    Armory Airsoft
  • Hill 559
  • Jact
  • Jungle Island
    Airsoft Park
  • Mr.
    Paintball USA
  • Playland
  • Project
    Airsoft California (P.A.C.)
  • SC
  • Sierra AO
  • Stryker
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Tac City
  • U.S.
    Airsoft World
  • Ukau
  • Warped
  • West
    Coast Adventure Park

Airsoft fields in Colorado

  • American
    Paintball Coliseum – Indoor
  • Badlands
    of BFE
  • DMZ
    Airsoft CQB
  • F.A.F.
    Flat Acres Farm Airsoft Field
  • Go

Airsoft fields in Connecticut

  • Ground
    Zero Airsoft Field
  • Mystic
    Fields of Fire
  • Tactical
  • Mills
    Stream Airsoft Field
  • Pumpkin
    Valley Farm
  • The
  • Warrior

Airsoft fields in Delaware

  • 911

Airsoft fields in Florida

  • Area 41
  • Battalion
    Airsoft Arena
  • Battletown
  • Bethlehem
  • Black
    Tiger Airsoft
  • Combat
    Zone Sports
  • Doomsday
    Airsoft / Route 7
  • DV8
  • Indian
    River Airsoft
  • Invincibles
    Airsoft Park
  • Matrix
    Paintball / Airsoft
  • Miami
  • OP31
    Airsoft – FL
  • Tactical
    Airsoft Compound (T.A.C.)

Airsoft fields in Georgia

  • Airsoft
  • AllStar
  • Arkenstone
    1 Paintball and Airsoft
  • Elite
    Ops Airsoft
  • Fort
    Stewart Airsoft
  • Georgia
  • Goldeagle
  • Hoppers
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Metropolis
  • Paintball
  • Power
  • Shanes
    Hot Shots
  • SS
  • Team

Airsoft fields in Hawaii

  • Hawaii
    Extreme Paintball / Airsoft
  • OPAC
    Airsoft (Ohana Pacific Airsoft Center)
  • TAG –
    Tactical Airgun Games Hawaii

Airsoft fields in Idaho

  • True
    Paintball Adventure Park

Airsoft fields in Illinois

  • Badlandz
  • Bing
    Field Paintball and Airsoft
  • CPX
  • Legacy
    Paintball and Airsoft Park
  • Saltfork
  • Urban
    Warfare Paintball

Airsoft fields in Indiana

  • Airsoft
  • Blast
  • Butler
    Indiana Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Spec Ops
  • The

Airsoft fields in Kansas

  • Center
    Mass Airsoft
  • Drop Zone
    Paintball Park
  • Warzone
  • Wichita

Airsoft fields in Kentucky

  • ACS
  • Richmond
    Underground Gaming Center

Airsoft fields in Louisiana

  • BuecheStyock
  • Cajun
  • IronSight

Airsoft fields in Massachusetts

  • AllStarr
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Airsoft
    Special Ops
  • BattlegroundZ
  • Building
  • B52
  • Stronghold
    OPS Airsoft
  • PnL
  • Ultimate

Airsoft fields in Maryland

  • North
    East Adventure Paintball and Airsoft Field
  • Outdoor
    Xtreme Chesapeake City
  • Paintball-Sportsland
  • Pasadena
    Paintball Park (P3) Airsoft
  • Replay
    Airsoft Arena
  • Tactical
    Airsoft Arena

Airsoft fields in Maine

  • Harris
    Farm Airsoft Field
  • Warrior

Airsoft fields in Michigan

  • Airsoft
    of Kalamazoo
  • DarkFire
  • Futureball
  • Hells
    Survivors Paintball
  • Kalamazoo
  • Matrix
    Airsoft Club
  • Michigan
    Tactical Airsoft Center
  • Motor
    City Airsoft
  • UP
  • West
    Michigan Airsoft, Hoss Family Field

Airsoft fields in Minnesota

  • Big Lake
  • Crossfire
    Airsoft MN
  • MN Pro
  • Special
    Forces Paintball

Airsoft fields in Missouri

  • Bailey’s
  • MAKO
    Advanced Combat Center
  • So Go
  • The Rock

Airsoft fields in Mississippi

  • Mississippi
    Airsoft Development Center( M.A.D.C) Shady Grove Airsoft

Airsoft fields in Airsoft fields in Montana

  • Electric
    City Airsoft

Airsoft fields in North Carolina

  • Airsoft
    Battle Park
  • Cedar
    Creek Airsoft
  • Command
    Decisions Wargames Center
  • Cool
  • Gunny’s
    Warfare Center
  • PBC
    Sports Park – Charlotte
  • PBC
    Sports Park – Greensboro
  • Southfield
  • XtremeKombat

Airsoft fields in Northdakota

  • Three
    Brothers Paintball, LLC

Airsoft fields in Newhampshire

  • Feel Good
    Farm Airsoft
  • RPC

Airsoft fields in Newjersey

  • C&C
    New Jersey Airsoft Field
  • Independance
    Airsoft and Tactical Park
  • New
    Breed Paintball
  • Quick
    Shot Paintball and Airsoft
  • R-14
  • Softair
  • Stryker
  • The
    Airsoft Factory

Airsoft fields in New Mexico

  • Hinkle
    Family Fun Center
  • Ruckus
    paintball and airsoft

Airsoft fields in Nevada

  • ACE
  • Combat
  • Las Vegas
    Premier Paintball

Airsoft fields in New York

  • Airsoft
  • Buffalo
  • Capital
    Combat Zone
  • CNY
  • Coopers
    Cave Paintball and Airsoft Field
  • Cousins
    Paintball Riverhead
  • High
    Velocity Paintball
  • Hudson
    Valley Airsoft
  • Hunters
    Creek Airsoft
  • R&M
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • River
    City Airsoft
  • Strike
    Force Sports Airsoft
  • The
    BrickHouse / The ClubHouse
  • The
    Combat Zone Paintball
  • The War
  • Watertown
    Airsoft League
  • Zulu 24

Airsoft fields in Ohio

  • Assault
    Airsoft Indoor
  • Assault
    Airsoft Outdoor
  • Backyard
    Tactical Training (BTT)
  • Devils
    Playground Airsoft Field
  • Fallen
    Warrior Airsoft
  • Hidden
    Spring Ranch
  • i70
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Ohio
    Indoor Airsoft (OIA)
  • Ohio
    Valley Airsoft
  • Splatter
  • War Den

Airsoft fields in Oklahoma

  • Airsoft
    Tulsa Indoor Field
  • D-Day
    Adventure Park
  • Stockyard
  • Thunderbird

Airsoft fields in Oregon

  • Action
    Acres Airsoft
  • Camp
  • CV
    Paintball and Airsoft Field
  • Gold Hill
  • Oregon
    Airsoft Arena and Tactical Store
  • Peak
  • Rogue ETA
  • Splat
    Action Paintball
  • The SWAMP
    Paintball and Airsoft

Airsoft fields in Pennsylvania

  • Ambush
    Airsoft and Paintball
  • EAG
    Combat Simulations
  • Linglestown
  • Mercer
    Airsoft Center
  • Poco
    Loco Paintball Park
  • Steel
    City Airsoft
  • The
  • The Grid
  • Three
    Rivers Paintball and Airsoft Park

Airsoft fields in Rhode Island

  • Battlegroundz
  • Extreme
  • Rhode
    Island Paintball and Airsoft
  • Warzone
    Paintball and Airsoft

Airsoft fields in South Carolina

  • Battle
    Cat Sports
  • Black
    Ops Airsoft – South
  • SQA aka
    Escue Airsoft

Airsoft fields in Tennessee

  • Bad Karma
  • Battlefield
  • Blackwater
    Marsh Airsoft
  • CartCon1
  • Hellhounds
    Airsoft Field
  • Moose
    Herd Airsoft
  • Nashville
  • OP31
    Airsoft – TN
  • Resurrection
  • Springfield
    Airsoft Field
  • TennTak
  • The
    Compound Airsoft Facility

Airsoft fields in Texas

  • 5J
    Extreme Sports
  • 878
  • Airsoft
    Revolution 15
  • Amarillo
    Tactical Airsoft
  • D14
  • Delta
  • DFW
    Adventure Park
  • Edinburg
    Paintball Battlegrounds
  • Forney
  • Fun on
    the Run Field
  • High
    Ground Airsoft – Beaumont
  • High
    Ground Airsoft – Spring
  • Kombat
  • La
    Vernia Airsoft Field
  • Mission:
  • Paintball
  • Paintball
    Zone – North
  • Play
    Extreme Sports
  • Tanks
    Paintball – Sugarland
  • Temple
    Tactical and Airsoft
  • West
    Texas Airsoft

Airsoft fields in Utah

  • 82nd
  • MilSim
  • The Sand

Airsoft fields in Virginia

  • Augusta
  • Ballahack
  • Bethel
  • New Kent
    Paint Ball/Airsoft Games
  • Pev’s
  • XZone

Airsoft fields in Vermont

  • VTAG

Airsoft fields in Washington

  • Go Big
    Paintball Park
  • Nitehawk
  • Paintball
  • The
    Airsoft Center
  • Eagle

Airsoft fields in Wisconsin

  • Airsoft
  • Airsoft
  • BlackOps
  • Edge
    Paintball and Airsoft
  • Promised
    Land Paintball
  • The Siege
  • Twin
    Cities Airsoft

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