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11 Best Airsoft Games

That You Should Play in 2020


In this article I will tell you about the very best or the most interesting types of Airsoft games that you should definitely try out. And one other thing I would like to clarify at the very beginning that.

I personally did not try them all out myself. I gather some of the ideas from different communities. Yes, I am very much looking forward to try them out myself in the future Airsoft games that I will play. And by no means had I put this list according to their merit.

Therefore as I clarified the necessary things which needed to be clarified, let’s get to the business, shall we?

Airsoft Game Types

Airsoft games are becoming popular day by day gradually. People like to engage in different kinds of hobbies usually. However, unlike many other hobbies Airsoft is quite invigorating as a hobby. Sometimes people often call it Softair games. Well, both are basically the same thing.

As the name Airsoft gains more popular, there are less and less people who still call it Softair. As popular as it is you probably should already know the gears and equipment to play it as well as the basic rules. If you still don’t know the basic rules of Airsoft games, you can check out our basic rules for Airsoft article here.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch which is also known as the TDM is probably the most popular variation of Airsoft games. The fact is most of the player who starts playing this intriguing game knowing nothing, most of the time they start with team death match.

Rules of team Deathmatch in Airsoft

Basically the players get divided into two or more teams and start playing. Whenever they get hit by the enemy’s BB they shout as ‘hit’ and return to their respawn point. And when they are getting back to the point to respawn they are not allowed to shoot. Neither will they get hit by another enemy. However once they done respawning, they can get back to the game. After a certain time period, the points of both of the team decide which team is the winner.


Medic is generally an additional feature of the team death match or the team domination. It adds an extra dimension to this type of games. Usually the players, after getting hit is considered as ‘killed’. However, if there is medic allowed in the game, the players would be counted as knocked down. He is then allowed to be healed by the Medic.

The medic is allowed to carry one pistol or no arms at all, depends on the game rules. Medic’s main job is to heal the wounded players of their respective team, not attack the opponent. However, he might defend himself in a situation where he must. Once the medics are killed there would be no healing for a team to use. So the Medics must be saved from the opponent.

Capture the Flag

This mode of airsoft games is quite interesting to play as it adds multiple sheds on the game. The players are divided into 2 teams. Each team tries to take back their flag which is placed in the enemy territory. Obviously, the flag should be visible, not hidden. And when the flag is being carried back to the base by the players, it should be visible too.

There are two types of Capture the flag games that people play.

Live Flag

In the live flag type games, once the carrier/ the player who was carrying the flag, the other team members can take the flag from there.

Dead Flag

Dead Flag type games mean that after the carrier gets shot he has to return the flag to the enemy base again. Afterwards, the rest of the team members should get that flag from the enemy territory again.

This games usually lasts several rounds.

King of the Hill

This usually needs a hilly place to arrange the game. A few of the players should be kept themselves inside a barrier on the hilly place. The rest of the players should be divided into several teams. The team who gets closer to the target wins the game.


This type of airsoft game is really fun to play. One of the two (or more) teams have to guard and escort an unarmed person to a certain point. The job of the escort team is to make sure that the president/the person that they are guarding remains safe. The rest of the teams’ job is to kill the escort team and/or the president himself.

The attacking team is to be hidden throughout the path the escort team travels. Therefore the escort team must always expect ambush or sudden attack and be prepare to fight against that.

The president can either be unarmed or lightly armed (pistol with limited ammunition) depends on the game rules the referee sets.

Close Quarters Battle

This type of game is played usually in a large house. It can either be played in a single large room or multiple small rooms. CQB games are full of suspense, and because of that people tend to use the Handguns more.


One of the teams’ barricades themselves in a fortress-like area. All the team members try to guard their location as long as they can. The attacking team must attack with all their might and wit to eliminate the other team. The game continues until the last person of any team is alive.


There are usually 4 teams that this type of games played among. The teams are to capture the posts. They can do that by simply changing their color. There are Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow. The teams must capture or change the color in 20 minutes. The game will end if one team captures all the posts. Otherwise, after the 20 minutes time limit the winner will be decided based on the number of the posts they captured.

Police Shootout/Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers or Police Shootout is one of the most interesting types of Airsoft games out there. The whole game gets started in a preset scenario. One of the team plays the role of police and another team plays robbers’ role. The police team would try to neutralize the robbers by shooting them down.

The main reason that Airsoft is so different from your any other typical hobbies is that it is a simulating sports. So, practically there are numerous variations that you can play airsoft in.

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