Why Do Airsoft Guns Have No Recoil?


When people ask me ‘why do airsoft guns have no recoil’, I tell them that is the wrong question.

Because airsoft guns do have recoil. But the fact is, the recoil of airsoft guns is so little that we don’t even notice it.

I tell them the right question might be doing airsoft guns have to recoil?

As I have already answered that question in the 2nd sentence. It does have recoil, but we just don’t feel it because the recoil is too light.

How the recoil system does work actually?

Do you remember Newton’s 3rd Law from high school?

Yapp that shit again. Every action has an equal opposite reaction. When you shoot a bullet from a real gun or firearm, an equal amount of power gets distributed in the exact opposite direction.

That is why you get that massive blowback from your shotgun every time you use it.

And when you fire an airsoft gun, the same thing happens. The power gets distributed to your hand. But the recoiling power is so light that you can’t even notice it.

If you use a spring or AEG airsoft gun, you won’t feel that little recoil or blowback.

However, if you use a Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun, you will fill a recoil that is closer to a 22 caliber real gun.

Why do you need Airsoft recoil?

Do you really need recoil in your airsoft recoil though?

If you want to play airsoft, then you really don’t need recoil in airsoft guns. However, if you want a realistic vibe and are used to the real firearms, then you would want airsoft recoil.

If you want to practice for real firearms using airsoft, then, of course, you would want recoil or blowback in airsoft guns.

Because the recoil gives the feel of firearms in airsoft guns.

Want to know how much do airsoft guns hurt?

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