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If you are planning to start games playing airsoft but having difficulty to choose an airsoft role, let me help you. I am not an airsoft expert myself. But as an airsoft enthusiast or fan and as an airsoft player, I can give you a solid idea about the airsoft roles. Then you can choose for yourself which one suits you best.  

Everyone has their own unique likings and opinions. So depending on that one of you might like to be a rifleman, others might be interested in being sniper or support gunner. It totally depends on personal preference and comfortability. And I am going to tell you which one of these airsoft roles I like to play at the end of this post. Therefore read it through.  

Airsoft Team Leader   

What is an Airsoft Team Leader? 

An Airsoft team leader is also known as the squad leader. A team leader is he who makes the decisions for the whole team. Depending on the game type the team leader might have to work fast and with wit. Therefore, an airsoft team leader must be the most experienced member of the team. If you want to be an airsoft team leader, you must know all the rules regarding the games. And also you must know how to lead a team.   

If your teammates must obey your decisions too. However, when the game starts a lot of time things get out of hand pretty quickly. So, as a team leader, you must also be prepared for unexpected circumstances and readapt with it.   

How many

Every team should have one team leader.    


An airsoft team leader should have plenty of bbs. He should carry a comfortable assault rifle and a secondary weapon.  

Airsoft Sniper  

What is an Airsoft sniper?  

An airsoft sniper is probably the most popular role among all. And most of the people get into airsoft as a sniper without knowing the role quite well. Well, let me tell you something. In the airsoft games or in real life battle, it is nothing like Hollywood movies. You won’t be scope sniping people left and right one after another. It may seem cool and all, but the reality is far from it.  

Most of the time you will have to stay in one place under your cover hiding from the enemy. Sometimes you get noticed by the other team’s sniper and taken out first. So, keep that in mind. Sniping is not like Hollywood movies. You have to keep your patience.  

How many  

You should have 1 or 2 snipers in the short team. And if your team consists of 10 or more player, you can increase the number of airsoft sniper. And radio to contact with the rest of the team. 


Of course, a sniper rifle is necessary for a sniper. A sidearm is also essential. As a sniper, you should have your camouflage and light armor under it. 

Airsoft Rifleman  

What is an Airsoft Rifleman?  

The very basic unite in airsoft games are the riflemen. Be in real-life combat or airsoft, the riflemen are the largest in number. Except for the special missions. The airsoft rifleman should know all the basics rules of the game. They should have their preferred automatic rifles.   

For me, when I play as a rifleman, I like to use classic ak47. Riflemen engage with the enemies most. So they should have enough firepower. And all the other members in different airsoft roles should support them pushing forward or holding the ground.  

How many

If your team has 10 or more player, then go for 4 or more rifleman if possible. 


An Assault rifle like M-16 or AK-47, a sidearm, medium armor and a radio to communicate. 

Airsoft Support Gunner  

What is an Airsoft Support Gunner?  

Airsoft Support Gunner is a vital role in different types of airsoft games. Their job is to support the team with heavy firepower when they are pushing forward or falling back. Sometimes the team needs to move forward in order to gain the upper hand of the match. And sometimes, they need to fall back and take cover as quickly as they can.  

The support gunner opens fire with a heavy or a submachine gun to force the opponents to take cover for a short time period. In the meantime gets the time to act accordingly.   

Support Gunners make the games more exciting and challenging.   

How many

In a short team, 1 support gunner is good enough. But if you have 10 or more teammates, you can pick 2 support gunner for your team.  


Heavy primary weapon. Something like SAW. Heavy armor and to communicate, a radio is needed. 

Airsoft Medic  

What is an Airsoft Medic?   

Airsoft medic is an optional role actually. You can play with medics and without them. It solely depends on the game type. You can play an airsoft game without the revival or healing options. Or you can implement the healing rules and leave the healing or reviving duties on the airsoft medics, to keep the game more interesting.   

Usually, airsoft medic is not to carry any heavy weaponry. As their main target is to heal his teammates not killing the opponents, he carries bandages with him. However, a medic can carry a light weapon to defend himself.   

How many

If your team has 5-8 team members, you should have 1 medic. But if you have 10 or more members, you can get multiple medics in your team. Usually, I like to have 2 medics on my team.  


Lightweight machine gun, bandages, and radio for communication.  

Airsoft Grenadier 

What is an Airsoft Grenadier?  

Airsoft grenadier is one of the less popular airsoft roles out there? Why you may ask. Well, there are a few reasons for that.  

Airsoft Grenadier

a) The main reason is the expense. Grenades and other accessories come with a big price. Of course, you can go to the low-end things if you are in a tight budget, but at the end of the day, they are nowhere near at performance.  

b) Grenadier is optional among the airsoft roles. So, people don’t pay much attention to being Grenadier.  

And of course, they are not as much popular as the sniper or marksmen. Hollywood plays a big part in that. Therefore, people come to know about this role after getting into airsoft. 

How many 

If you have a big team, you can have multiple airsoft grenadier. But, I suggest 1 or 2 of them at max. 

Personal opinion: I don’t like playing as airsoft Grenadier. 


Heavy armor, heavy grenades, short or medium ranged rifle. Something like At4 and radio.  

Airsoft Recon  

What is an airsoft recon? 

Airsoft recons are usually the players those love to charge in airsoft. Recons are the ones to lead from the front (not as a leader). Whenever there are rooms to infiltrate or charge in, the airsoft recons goes in first. They play a versatile role in airsoft. 

1) They gather information on the enemy force. 

2) Recons can be used to cause destruction. 

3) They take the charge. 

How many  

In a small to the medium team, you should have 2 recons on average. Of course, you can increase the number if you want to make your team larger. 


 Compact airsoft rifle. Something like MP5, lightweight armor, and radio. 

Designated Marksman   

What is Designated Marksman?  

Designated marksman is a role often mistaken with a sniper. Marksmen are trained to fire rapidly and accurately at maximum 500/600 meters. They are usually to deliver a rapid-fire to lay down the enemies to come. If you have a few designated marksman, there is no need to have another one or two snipers. Or perhaps, you can have both of them (1 sniper and 1 DM) depending on your game type and tactics.   

Airsoft Roles DMR
Airsoft DMR

If you have them both, your team’s sniper can clear 500 meters or more area, and your marksmen can clear the enemies in between 200-500 meters with ease.  

The differences between the designated marksman and a sniper are described down below in more details  

How many

If your total team members are about 8-10 you can have 2 designated marksman. And if you want to have sniper as well, you should consider 1 marksman and 1 sniper.  


Long ranged rifle with scope, light armor, and radio. 

If your team has 15 or more members, you can have

1 Leader

5 Riflemen in your team. 

2 Airsoft Support Gunner 

2 Recon

2 Sniper

1 or 2 Medic

1 Squad Designated Marksman

What’s the difference between “designated marksman” and “sniper”?   

Though there is a similarity between a sniper and a designated marksman, they are not the same at all.

A) Camouflage: A sniper uses different kinds of Ghillie suit to hide from the enemy.  

But the designated marksman doesn’t need any Ghillie suit or any other kind of camouflage.   

B) Rifle: The sniper uses bolt action or a semi-automatic specialized sniper rifle to shot down the enemy line.  

But the marksman uses a semi-automatic assault rifle with a scope.  

C) Position: A sniper moves slowly and separately from the rest of the team. He holds his own ground suitable to him.  

A designated marksman works with the rest of the team.  

Source: Wiki

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