What is the Best Place to Hit With an Airsoft Gun?


We often think while shooting with an airsoft rifle, what is the best place to hit with an airsoft gun. I am going to answer that question for you.

Where to hit with an Airsoft Gun

As airsoft is a 1 shot kill the game, you can get the kill no matter where you hit your opponent with. It does not matter if you hit on the leg or chest or hip or anywhere. There is no need to ‘play lethal’ just to be more realistic.

It is simple, you hit someone, and he is out of the game (for the time being, depending on the game rule).

Where not to hit with an Airsoft Gun

Avoid the vital organs.

As I said earlier, you can hit anywhere on your opponent and get the kill. However, try avoiding the vital organs like eyes, (though everyone should wear glasses/ goggles) face, throat, and groin.

For damaging these areas can be vital.

Where to hitWhere not to hit

With protective gears

As standard game rules, every player should wear protective gear. Especially goggles/glasses and face protection is a must. Because without your face protection and glasses, any hit on the surface can cause critical injuries.


So, with enough protective gear, you should not have any problems. You would not have to think much while shooting your opponent.

Without protective gears

If you play a game without protective gear, you should be extra careful playing. Shoot your opponent on the chest or below. Do not target higher up above the chest. You do not want to hit someone on the face with a 300-350 fps bb. Unless you really want to hurt them.

Why should you be careful while shooting an airsoft gun?

Airsoft is a fun game and all. And we all do love any kind of military simulations. But getting hit by it does not feel good. Especially if you hit someone with a 300/400 fps airsoft gun from a relatively close distance.

Therefore, you should be careful to not hurt anyone badly.

Do not fire at point blank range

Never, and I repeat never fire at point-blank range. You are not allowed to shoot someone at that distance under any circumstances in a game. It will seriously hurt them. Remember, you are not going to show your expertise there. You want to play and enjoy a good game experience after all.

Shout ‘Bang’ in a close range

If you are 5 meters or closer from your opponent, do not open fire. Just shout Bang. It is commonly used among the airsoft players in order to get hurt. Because as you can imagine getting hit by a high fps airsoft gun from that close distant would really hurt.

So, now you know what is the best place to hit with an airsoft gun.

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