Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? | A Brief Discussion

Can you kill animals with airsoft gun?

Many of you from the world of airsoft often wondered, despite it being a relatively harmless weapon how much damage can you cause with an airsoft gun?

That being said there are no set rules for determining that.

Yeas we all know that it hurts hella lot being shot with an airsoft gun.

But can you determine its destructive power just with the pain itself?

That leads to our topic at hand.

And that is, Can airsoft guns kill animals?

We are trying to figure it out for awareness and as a measure of animal safety.

Remember that hurting animals is non-ethical and against the law in most of the countries.

Before going into any further details first let’s explain a bit about airsoft for the newcomers.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that uses replica guns to shoot plastic or resin balls with low power at opponents using pure military tactics to achieve some sort of objectives within a set of rules.

(Learn more from What Is Airsoft | A Beginner’s Guide)

The airsoft bullets of pallets usually do not leave any mark on the target for which it’s hard to identify the person that was shot, unlike paintball. The sport purely relies on the honor system where the player that is shot is the one responsible for calling themselves shot or out.

What is Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft guns are exact replica of the real guns except it only shoots plastic/resin projectiles which are called BBs. This should not be confused with BB guns which shoots metallic balls as projectiles. Airsoft guns are made with the intention to participate in a military battle simulation. Unlike paintball where the weapons are more toy-like, airsoft weapons have almost the same function as real weapons which shoot bullets. (Learn more on Airsoft vs. Paintball: What Are The Differences)

This allows participants of the sport to get to have a more realistic experience which was the initial goal for developing airsoft guns.

Now that we got the basics cleared out, we should get back to our main topic.

The summary information was provided above to make the readers understand the basic principles of an airsoft gun and the projectiles it shoots out. This way it’ll be easier for us to conclude on a logical basis.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals?

I actually didn’t have any intention to kill any animal with airsoft gun so I can’t speak with my experience much. But I certainly can use the information provided by others on that matter. Let’s examine some of the info and experiences shared by the users and analyze them carefully.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Dogs?

Let’s start this one with my own experience.

One day I was studying really very hard at night coz I didn’t study at all the whole semester and the next day was my exam. But it was hard to concentrate on the study because a few dogs were barking loudly outside my house. I was pretty much infuriated because I won’t be able to even pass the exam at this rate! So I decided to do some experiments. I always seemed to be creative the day before an exam and new ideas pop out right on that time to do experiments with. I had a low FPS airsoft handgun at that time which I bought out of curiosity.

So, I took the gun out and loaded it full with plastic BBs. It also had a laser pointer attached with it which can be used to shoot the BBs accurately. I tested out the laser pointer myself and the accuracy is decent at a certain range.

So I looked out my window and saw a dog about 17 – 20 feet away from me. I was on the 2nd floor by the way. It was night and there wasn’t much light outside. To aim properly I switched the laser pointer on and pointed it on the dog’s butt. I pulled the trigger and seemed to miss. I was pretty much annoyed because of the miss and because the dog was still barking. So I prepared to shoot again. This time I aimed a little above its butt hoping to correct the error from before. I shoot again and the dog ran away howling. It was satisfactory to get some revenge on the despicable dog.

kill animal with airsoft guns
Can you kill animals with airsoft guns?

So can airsoft guns kill dogs?

Long story short, though I could hurt the dog a little and could surprise it by suddenly shooting out of nowhere it wasn’t anywhere near killing the dog. Since dogs have thick skin and have fur above that which protects them from the environment, I don’t think plastic BBs are not enough to penetrate their skins to kill them. But why should you believe my assumption based on a lousy one night experience? So I started to research on the internet and read a few forums where people shared their experiences as well. The summation of the experience is that there is no way airsoft guns can kill a dog.


Because the gun and BBs are made with the fact in mind that it cannot and should not be able to penetrate human skin. The BBs actually have low density and the guns have low fps to penetrate human flesh. Although with enough force it can tear or crack the skin on the place of contact the BBs do not penetrate. A dog skin with fur coating is also non-penetrable. Maybe with a gun that has high enough fps you can inflict a little damage to the skin at best.

So in short airsoft guns can’t kill a dog but with enough force, it can hurt on the skin pretty bad.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill a Deer?

In many countries, it’s legal to hunt animals on a specific time of the year. It’s called hunting season. There are various kinds of weapons that can be used to hunt deers such as, rifle, shotgun, handgun, muzzleloaders, etc. You can also hunt them using a 1200 fps air gun shooting 0.177 cal. (4.5 mm) pallet if the shot is landed correctly.

Can you kill deer with airsoft guns?
Can you kill deer with airsoft guns?

But we are not here to describe various weapons that can kill a deer. We are here to discuss that fact that whether we can kill a deer with airsoft gun or not.

It may or may not be possible to kill deer but currently, there is no known record of such occurrence.

But although something didn’t happen it doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t happen.

We have to logically prove that airsoft guns cannot kill a deer.

Honestly, after the dog explanation, I don’t think that anyone would hope to kill a deer with an airsoft gun. If an airsoft gun can’t penetrate a dog skin let alone kill it, I don’t think it can be used to kill a deer.

Then again you shouldn’t believe what I said.

So let’s compare the power of an air gun which can supposedly be used to kill a deer.

Airsoft gun and Airgun power comparison


Normally a 0.177 caliber (4.5 mm) air gun lightweight pallet should weigh about 6.7 grains (0.44 gm), the normal type is about 7.9 grain (0.52 gm.) and the heavy type weigh about 10 grains (0.65 gm). These air guns shoot approximately at the speed of 1200 fps (Feet per Second). So if you want to kill a deer you can think of this as the minimum requirement for pallets or bullets within 50 yards perhaps.

Note that, you should only think of this as a minimum requirement for the purpose of comparing with airsoft gunshots. You shouldn’t think of them as ideal numbers and it’s not recommended by us for hunting deer as well.

Now let’s see the highest force an airsoft gun can provide on average.

Airsoft Gun

The highest weight a common airsoft BB has is 0.40 gm. and the standard is 0.2 to 0.35 gm. The heaviest weight for airsoft BB is 0.90 gm. But it’s not very common and not used in the sport. The majority of airsoft guns used in the sports are capable of shooting from 200 fps to 410 fps. But it’s also possible to upgrade the gun to increase the speed up to 550 fps or a bit higher. There are some airsoft sniper guns that have springs to boost up to 700 fps but that’s not very common or are not permitted in the field.

Let’s use the maximum number that is common to test out against air gun.

If we use a 0.4 gm. A pallet that can be shot from an airsoft gun at a velocity of 550 fps do you think it will be enough to penetrate deerskin? Remember that we already discussed the minimum requirement (not recommended) for killing a deer with an air gun is 0.44 gm. Pallet with the velocity of 1200 fps. So in airsoft guns, we are lacking in both speed and weight.

Note that, while we established the minimum requirement as 0.177 caliber gun, even using a 0.22 caliber rifle for hunting deer is illegal and non-ethical.

So after all that complex mathematics and numbers, we can definitely agree that we cannot kill a deer with even the highest standard airsoft equipment.

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