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Airsoft Knife

Should You Use a Knife in Airsoft?

Today I shall discuss whether you should use a knife in airsoft or not. The question if you should use a knife in airsoft or not can be answered in different ways from different perspectives. But first of all- Do your airsoft game rules allow a knife? The very first question needed to be answered […]

Airsoft vs BB gun

If You Read One Article About Airsoft VS BB Read this One

Many people today believe that Airsoft guns and BB guns are the same things. But that’s actually not the case. So are you shocked by the blunt revelation? I was too! Until I stumbled upon Wikipedia the other day. I was researching online on the topic Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? While scouring through people’s […]

Can you kill animals with airsoft gun?

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? | A Brief Discussion

Many of you from the world of airsoft often wondered, despite it being a relatively harmless weapon how much damage can you cause with an airsoft gun? That being said there are no set rules for determining that. Yeas we all know that it hurts hella lot being shot with an airsoft gun. But can […]

Airsoft Games

Legal Issues of Airsoft: Where Is Airsoft Legal?

 Airsoft is a team shooting sport via the players use the replica of real-world weapon.  It’s one of the most interactive sports. Airsoft is originated in Japan in 1989 when a similar game called paintball was gaining popularity in the USA.  Soon after that Airsoft got the highlight and became more and more popular. And […]

Why Sidearm Is Important In Airsoft?

Why Sidearm Is Important In Airsoft?

Sidearms are usually pretty expensive. Especially if you compare them to the primary weapons. So we airsofters often hesitate to buy them. Is it worth the money? Do we really need them? Yes, we do. But, the question is, is it worth spending your money? Let’s find out. But before that, let’s get one thing […]