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Airsoft Roles

Airsoft Roles | The Insider’s Guide

If you are planning to start games playing airsoft but having difficulty to choose an airsoft role, let me help you. I am not an airsoft expert myself. But as an airsoft enthusiast or fan and as an airsoft player, I can give you a solid idea about the airsoft roles. Then you can choose […]

What is Airsoft

What Is Airsoft | A Beginner’s Guide

 Airsoft is a shooting sport that involves military tactics in order to achieve certain objectives set by the rules. This military simulation sport is getting popular day by day around everywhere in the world. As real-life war/battle situations involving firearms becoming evermore fascinating thanks to Hollywood, no wonder people are getting into airsoft more and more.   So, […]

Airsoft Medic

How to become an Airsoft Medic 101

Medic in airsoft is not one of the most popular airsoft roles to play. But surely it gives great results on the battlefield. So, what to do? How to become an airsoft medic? Let’s find out how to become an Airsoft Medic.  Your friends will shout ‘Medic’ and won’t move   After getting a shot, your friends or […]

Airsoft Rules

20 Airsoft Rules For Beginner That You Should Know

There are some basic airsoft rules that you must follow in the games. You should be accustomed to these rules beforehand. Wherever you play, the basic airsoft rules remains almost the same. Therefore, in this article, I am going to talk about the 20 Airsoft Rules that you should know before you start playing. 1) […]