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Does airsoft hurt? For those who want to start playing airsoft, this is a common question perhaps the most asked question. If they do, then how much pain they cause? Sometimes, people compare it with paintball and want to know which one hurts more. Recently I came across this weird question, can someone be killed by the airsoft guns. So, let’s talk about them one by one, shall we?

Does airsoft gun hurt?

The airsoft gun is a replica weapon used in the airsoft game. It’s a very low power weapon. Airsoft gun does hurt, but it depends on many things like velocity or mass of the projectile, angle of impact, BB volume, BB weight, material, skin thickness, age or gender of the recipient, etc. But a few painful locations of the body get hurt easily like the crotch, inside of arm or leg, neck, any area of ribs, fatty muscles, etc.

The major factors are-

1. The range of the shooter

There is a certain range of an airsoft gun, or should I say any shooting kind of gun. So, the thing is the gun is effective under the limited shooting range. So, if you get shot from a close distance in the range you will get hurt much. The closer you get shot from the more pain you feel.

That is one of the range, the ‘bang’ rule is invented. To avoid hitting people from too close which could hard really bad.

2. Clothing

 Actually, clothing matters the most. Usually, you are to cover most of your body with the combat shirts, pants, body armor, and vests. If the Ball Bullets hit you on the covered area, you won’t feel any pain. Even if you get hit by 450 fps rifle from a distance of 30 feet or less, you won’t feel that much of a pain. It will likely to have a small bump.

3. Area of the impact

And of course, if you get hit by those crazy shot on an uncovered body part as it would really hurt, trust me. That is why I always suggest you use face protection as well as goggles and ear protection.

4. The weight of BB

The heavy projectile has much energy. It hits much. Airsoft gun gives pain. But it depends on many things. Suppose, you get hit by a .22g BB from a sniper rifle from a distance of 70 feet, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if you get hit by a .33g BB from that sort of distance it could really make a difference.

So, yes. The weight matters.

Which one is more painful airsoft or paintball?

It’s an endless debate between airsoft vs paintballs fans, that which one is more painful airsoft or paintball. You can think they coexist peacefully. But it’s not true. They have a different market, different kind of players. Players like to argue about which is cheaper, which is more fun. But the biggest issue of all is – which one is more painful?

Science and a quick bit of maths can help us to find about this matter. The airsoft gun shoots small, 6mm plastic pellets, which weight is .20g to .28g at about 400 FPS. It has 1.48 to 2.07 joules of energy on the impact each direct hit. For further distances, it will be very low. If you have bare skin or thin cloth then you can feel hurt. But at long distances, you may not even feel it.

Otherwise, paintball is larger than airsoft pellet. .68” in diameter and weight is 3.5g, which 17X much than airsoft because of his size and weight. It usually fires at about 290-300 FPS. Its velocity is slow to airsoft pellet, because of its size. It has much energy of the impact. If 3.5g paintball fire at 290 FPS, it carries 13 joules more energy of the impact. It’s 13 times more than airsoft pellet. It thus you know that paintball is more painful than airsoft.

Can you be killed by an airsoft gun?

The Airsoft gun looks like an original gun, it makes a question, “Can anyone be killed by an airsoft gun?” If airsoft gun has enough velocity (400-700 FPS), it may enough to sting. If it hits on your eyes then it may damage your eyes. In fact, you will be blind permanently. But it cannot kill anyone. However, from close distance with enough velocity, it can damage your teeth. Bone and skin can be damaged with airsoft gun too. It may cause severe pain in fact. It may cause bleeding too, depending on the distance of course.

Although airsoft gun can hurt you and cause severe pain if the bullet is of high velocity, it won’t be a cause of death. So, you won’t be killed by an airsoft gun.

However, if you are using copper-coated steel BBs instead of plastic BB, it may pierce through your skin and even damage some fragile bones if is fired with 400-500fps gun from a close distance. And should I tell you that it would hurt a lot? I guess I don’t have to.

One other thing. There are Airguns out there in amazon or other market places. People often buy those airguns mistaking it as Airsoft gun. But let me clarify you. Those 2 are very much different. One is for fun and shooting game. But another one is lethal. For example, if a 1200+fps riffle fires a steel bullet at you what would you expect to happen?

There is a major difference between Firearms and Airsoft guns. But, the middle point could be this Airgun. As it is lethal, but at the same time, it uses air pressure or spring movement to fire.

What does it feel like to get shot with an airsoft gun?

When you get shot with an airsoft gun, it has 2 types of feelings.

The feeling of Pain

It is the actual feelings. If you wear combat shirts, vests, armor then you will feel a little bit (based on the distance between the fired shot). Otherwise, in bare skin, you will feel like a bee sting. It depends on velocity and distance. Enough velocity and short distance can give you much pain and cause of a little bleeding. Eyes are so sensitive and a shot of an airsoft gun is able to damage your eyes. Soft skin and lips hurt more also by its shot. Anyway, you won’t be dead because of it.


If you get shot, the first thing gets you is a disappointment. Suppose you are taking a shot at someone, then suddenly you get hit. Or, you haven’t warmed up yet, then suddenly one of the sniper hits you. You will obviously feel disappointed with yourself.

Does Airsoft gun hurt with armor?

With an original gun, you could hurt with armor. But the airsoft gun is just a replica of original gun for playing a game. So, an airsoft gun could not hurt you with armor. In fact, sometimes you would not able to realize that you got shot you. Well, you will know by the sound of course. But, sometimes you won’t feel no nothing.


If you are wearing a vest and got shot at that, you won’t feel any pain. Because those bb bullets are not strong enough to hurt you through the vest trust me.


The helmet is probably the hardest thing that you will wear as protection. It definitely keeps your head safe from a pretty powerful shot.

Ear protection

We do have fragile parts of our body to protect from BBs. And ear is one of those areas. Always wear ear protection during a game. Nope, if you are wearing ear protection, it won’t hurt at all.

Eye protection

The most dangerous place to land an airsoft shot. Any amount of fps with any size of pellets is extremely dangerous for health. So, never try to play airsoft without eye protection. If you are using proper eye protection, you won’t get hurt in the eyes.

Face protection

You got to keep your face covered whenever you are playing airsoft. Because you don’t know if someone is gonna shoot you from a close distance or not. And if you get shot from pretty close, which will happen sooner or later, it would hurt really really bad. But, if you use a face mask, then you wouldn’t get any pain.


Always wear gloves. It will not only make your hand dry but also protect you from the enemy bullets. And if you are in a game venue which is happened to be in a forest or something, it would save you from all sorts of the trouble of getting hurt in the hands.

So, to avoid the bruise and pain in the hand use gloves.


Well, as you are wearing some kinds of boots it would be pretty much impossible for BBs to hurt in your feet.

Airsoft FPS pain

Usually classic army gun likes to shoot with 300-350 fps. It’s enough to leave small welt for a few days and it needs enough velocity with range.

Here’s given a few sorts of fps and its pain scale.

100-200 fps:

If you get hit by bullets from 100-200 fps gun, you may feel that someone poked you maybe.

200-250 fps

It hurts you a little bit if you get hit from a distance of 60 feet by a 200-250 fps gun. You just feel it. It won’t cause much pain.

250-300 fps

If you get hit by .20g Ball Bullets from a 250-300 fps gun, it will give you enough pain. It leaves welt if you were in close distances 50-60 feet.

300-350 fps

If you are in 50 feet, you will get hurt definitely. close to medium distances can leave a welt.

350-400 fps

It can be painful. You should not shoot from this type airsoft rifles from less than 30-35ft. Otherwise, it will cause serious pain and leave golf ball size welt.

400-500 fps

This type of shot from under 50 feet, can cause severe pain. It is just plain brutal. It’s able to shred plastic.


A hit from 500+ fps gun can easily penetrate your skin. Even with your combat suit, this type of shot can cause some serious pain.

Usually projectile of 300 fps can penetrate your skin (without any protection or clothing). More than 350 fps is not allowed for indoor. 300 fps is enough.

You can use 400 fps in outdoor.

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