How to Choose an Airsoft Gun

A Practical Guide


Airsoft is quite a popular sport, not only old players enjoy it but new player keeps on adding to the Airsoft Global club. In Airsoft, guns are its key components. And ironically a lot of people find trouble in choosing an airsoft gun. Hence, the most frequently asked question is “How to choose an Airsoft gun“.

We have made this buying guide to help people choosing an Airsoft Gun. Our team has made sure to make this Guide Beginner Oriented making it Simple and clear. We’ve Divided the Article into 6 sections, starting by Describing Basic Type of Guns and Ending by Giving a Few Recommendations for Airsoft Guns.

Note: Every section starts with Describing the Basics and Ends at information that will be beneficial for you.

Type of Airsoft Guns:

We’ve already written handsome details on Airsoft guns. Read the article HERE to get some additional info. Keeping this thing in mind, we’ll write only the necessary information here.

Airsoft Guns are Generally 4 categories:

  1. AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)
  2. GBB (Glass Blowbacks)
  3. Spring Powered Airsoft Guns
  4. HPA (High-Pressure Air)

All of these guns differ from each other on the type of Mechanism they use for firing the BBs. You can have an idea about this just by reading their Names.

AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)

When we talk about the most commonly used and Most easily Available Airsoft guns, actually, we’re talking About AEGs. These guns used electric energy to throw the pellets out.

Electric energy is provided by batteries, which in most cases are rechargeable. These Guns are Easy to handle, which makes them appropriate for Beginners. Their material is Mostly polymer while higher variants may use steel.

Another Good Thing about these Guns is, most of them are upgradeable. So, if you buy your First gun an AEG you can upgrade it later to use it as your secondary gun. Both AEG rifles and Pistols are heart favorite of Airsoft Lovers.

 Gas Powered Pistols

The Second gun type is GBB or Gas blowback. As the name indicates; it uses compressed gas (CO2 or Green Gas) to emit BBs, small gas containers are usually in the Magazine of the gun. The interesting thing about these guns is the Realism related to it.

Every time you shot a fire, this gun takes back a Blow like a Recoil of the Real gun. Therefore, it feels very Real to play Airsoft with these Guns. Moreover, these guns are very efficient in hitting at a quite good pace. Although Non-Blowback gas guns are also available, they are not such popular.

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring Powered Airsoft Gun sare like the AEGs, But in these guns, there are no batteries and we have to perform this task ourselves. These guns are cocked every time before firing.

Since a good quantity of work is required some players hesitate to go with this gun. But still, they are called very Good for Beginners as they don’t require any sort of maintenance as Easy to Operate.

These Guns became superior to other Airsoft Weapons when the Temperature is Low or Environment is Harsh Because Batteries and gas don’t perform well in severe conditions.

One thing is their material is not so Good, so if you want to spend less price, and also have aimed to change guns in the future you can purchase these Guns as a Starter gun.

Airsoft HPA Guns

The Fourth and the Most Powerful Airsoft gun in the list is HPA. In these types of Guns, you have an Air container on your back as those scuba divers have, and pipe from container goes into the gun. Pressurized Air from the Container causes very high-Speed pellets to emit.

A very interesting thing about these Guns is you can adjust FPS (Velocity in feet per second), Trigger Response and many other things. These classifications make these guns superior to others. Since they cost a lot and require a lot of maintenance, they are not for beginners.

Normal Price Range for a Good Airsoft Gun:

Fortunately, For every single type of Gun whether Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun, we Have written an Article HERE. Here we’ll only mention the Price in which you can Grab a Good Airsoft Guns.

If you want to buy an Airsoft Pistols you can Grab a Good one at 50$.

While if you want a Rifle, you should not spend more than 150-200$

Specs you Should see in a Gun:

There are many things you should see if you’re going to buy an Airsoft Gun.

Muzzle Velocity:

The speed with which a BB leaves the barrel of the gun is the Muzzle Velocity and it is measured in FPS (Feet per Second). A good Gun has FPS close to 400.

The advantage of using a Gun with such FPS is that this is the requirement of many Airsoft Fields and enough to knock your Opponents.


You are firing with a gun and if your Grip is not satisfying you will not perform well. Consider this an important factor, because it determines your Performance in Game.

Length of Gun:

Make sure that Gun you are Buying should have an adjustable Length. So, you adjust to make a better grip.

Hop up: 

Hop up are among the additional used to increase the Range of gun. Make sure to buy a gun with an adjustable Hop-up.

Gun Material and Weight: 

When buying an Airsoft gun, we must take a look at the material. Don’t go for too light guns if their Material is low Quality plastic. It is Better for Beginners to Go with a gun made up of polymers. You can choose the Weight of guns which you can find easy to carry.


One Additional thing many people see in Gun is whether the Gun takes M4/M16 Magazines. Since these Magazines are common and Everyone in Airsoft Field uses the same, so you can also look for the same, But is a minor thing to consider.

Various Types of guns which one you should look for!

We’ve to Describe the Basic Features Of the 4 types of Airsoft Guns. You’ve Probably made your Decision and If you don’t We recommend you to go with an AEG rifle.

Since they are easy to handle, Normal Price range, Have all the Abilities of Powerful guns, Easily Upgradeable and Adjustable as well. So, if you are Beginner and want to get the best about an airsoft gun go for an AEG.

Some Good Brand to see:

Although there are a large number of Brands you can look for Before buying an Airsoft Guns. Here are the 7, we Personally like




Classic Army

Lancer Tactical


A&K Airsoft

How to choose an Airsoft gun

Now, you knew some Good Brands and also aware of what type of Gun you should see, there are two ways of choosing and buying a Gun.

  1. Physically, Go to Store and Buy
  2. Purchase Online

If you are fond of doing your own stuff, it will be better, if you go to a store and find a gun yourself. In this case, you will test the gun by taking it in your hands and realizing How it feels. If you don’t know the stores You can use Amazon you find shops near you.

The Other Option you could have is Buy a Gun online. You can see thousands of online products, go through specs, read reviews and make the ultimate decision to buy and Airsoft Gun. Some online stores you can visit to buy Airsoft Guns.

Airsoft Station
Airsoft Megastore

Only Airsoft gun You Need:

Here is our Best Personal Recommendation that you can Buy your First Airsoft Guns.

G&G Combat Machine Raider 16

This is the most recommended beginner Airsoft gunIt has all the Features that a Very Good Airsoft Gun has.

Key Features:

Full Metal Body

Can use M4 Magazine

Hop up is Adjustable

6 Position Retractable Crane Stock

Metalic Gear Box, Assembly, Magazine and other stuff

14mm Negative Threaded Barrel

FPS: 340-360

The Reason why we Recommend this Gun is cost-effective, Durable, Feels very Real to use, Fires at a Very speed, upgradeable and all other Features a Good gun should Have. You will not regret if you buy this Gun.

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