How to Load Airsoft Gun

in 3 Easy Steps


Exactly how to load an airsoft gun? Today in this article we are going to find out that in simple steps.

You might be just starting playing airsoft. As those cool videos that you saw on YouTube led to pick your attention, you might bought a cool airsoft gun from amazon. But you don’t know how to operate an airsoft gun or simply how to load an airsoft gun or its magazine.

Do not worry, we all started from where you are now. We are going to tell you exactly how to load an AEG gun, Airsoft Gas Gun. 

How to load an AEG Gun

AEG means Airsoft Electric Gun. The airsoft electric guns operates basically in two different magazines.

Those are-

How to load HICAPA magazine

HiCapa stands for high capacity magazines. High capacity magazines holds around 150 to 50 rounds of bbs. This is the most common type of magazine in AEG guns.

You can load the magazine in 2 ways.

Step-1) Open the Trap door.

Step-2) Pour the bbs inside the magazine with your hand or directly from the bottle.

Step-3) Turn the spur gear at the bottom.

Or with speed loader

Step-1) Open the Trap door.

Step-2) Pour the bbs inside the magazine with speed loader.

Step-3) You have to turn the spur gear.

How to load MidCapa

Midcapa magazines come with various sizes. Some of the midcapa magazine can hold 150 bbs some of them holds 30 rounds.

To load midcapa magazines-

Step-1) Take the speed loader and place it on the magazine.

Step-2) Pour bbs from the speed loader.

Step-3) Turn the Spur Gear of the Magazine at the bottom.

How to load a Gas Gun

Gas guns are also popular. As the gas gun magazines do not make the annoying sound an AEG gun magazine makes.

There are 3 types of Gas Guns

How to load Green Gas Gun

Green gas guns are now most popular among all the 3 types of gas guns available in the market.

Step-1) Shake the green gas bottle a bit before you load your magazine.

Step-2) Push the tip of it at the bottom of your gas gun’s magazine and wait 5-10 seconds.

Step-3) You can then push and pour all the bbs inside the magazine.


How to load Propane Gas Gun

Propane gas bottle are a bit cheaper than the green gas. They are a bit less popular than green gas though.

Step-1) Lubricate your gas magazine first.

Step-2) Push the tip of your propane gas bottle at the bottom of your gas magazine and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Step-3) Push the bbs inside of your magazine.

How to load CO2 Gas Gun

Step-1) Take the cover and the inside screw off.

Step-2) Insert the CO2 cartridge inside the magazine and tighten the screw back on.

Step-3) Push the airsoft bbs inside of your magazine.


  1. Gas Magazines works better if it is warm. So if it is cold there try to keep your gas magazines warm.
  2. Lubricate your gas magazine if you use propane. If you are using propane, you must maintain your magazine with lubricant. Otherwise it will hurt your gas magazine.
  3. While loading gas inside your Gas Gun, always keep it vertically straight.  
  4. Always keep a little bit of green gas inside of your gas magazine.
  5. Never keep your gas magazine full. It will create a pressure in your magazine.

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