How to Play Paintball in the Rain and Still have fun


Although playing paintball is a bit different from playing airsoft, both of them are fun to play. Unlike airsoft, paintball doesn’t put much attention to the originality of the weapons. But despite the difference in weapons and rules in the game, both sports incorporate real war tactics which actually make it more exciting.

Normally we play paintball and airsoft either indoors or outdoors on a sunny, not to hot weather.

If we play outside, we can always avoid a bad weather day.

But what about a real battle?

But what about a real battle?

In a real war situation, you can’t avoid a battle by giving a bad weather excuse.

What if you want to experience paintball just like a real soldier do?

A common question in the paintball community is, How to Play Paintball in the Rain and Still Have Fun?

You see, soldiers in the army had to fight whether it’s scorching hot or raining. Since paintball mimics the real war situation in a fun way, you can also add the environmental disadvantage for the thrill.

And just as German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche quoted in Twilight of the Idols,

“Out of life’s school of war—what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.”

You won’t let a little rain ruin your fun will you?

So enough with the introduction, let’s get on with the main topic now.

How to Play Paintball in the Rain?

When you play outdoors in the rain, you actually play in a muddy and slippery field. Since you are playing a tactical war game like paintball, you have to consistently run, crawl, and stop. But these simple tasks will become much harder in a rainy day. Also, the visibility becomes lower on a rainy day.

There are several precautions you need to make before playing paintball in the rain.

Paintball in The Rain

Protect Your Paintballs from Rain

Protecting your paintballs from rainwater is probably the most important precaution you need to take while playing paintball in the rain. Coz moister in the air will already make the paintballs swell and become bouncy. When a paintball’s in this kind of condition, it’ll tend to bounce off of the target instead of exploding.

If the paintballs are exposed to water it’ll be the worst.

First they’ll swell and then will start to deform. The balls will become sticky which will make it harder.

You’ll have a hard time getting a paintball out of the barrel when that happens. In fact your paintball gun can get jammed.

Wear Something Waterproof

Covering your body with something water-resistant is very important while you are playing paintball in the rain. Otherwise, if you are soaked, you’ll shiver in the cold which will hinder your speed, flexibility, and shooting precision. So you should certainly be concerned about your health in this case.

For some, raincoats or rain jackets may be the solution to this problem but we don’t actually recommend it.


This has something to do with your mobility and stamina.

Instead of raincoats or rain jackets, we suggest you to use a waterproof poncho to cover up your body.

But what’s poncho?

To put it simply, a poncho is a piece of clothing originally invented and used by the Native American people from pre-Hispanic times. A poncho is made up of large pieces of rectangular of square fabric which has a hole in the middle for our head.


Waterproof ponchos are made from a water-resistant material that keeps your body dry.

For this reason it’s also called Rain Poncho.

The problem with a raincoat or a rain jacket is that they are usually much heavier than a poncho.

So they’ll definitely reduce your speed when you’re moving through a paintball battlefield as well as reduce your stamina.

So when it comes to playing paintball in the rain, a waterproof poncho should be your choice if you are thinking about preserving your speed and stamina as while protecting your body from cold rain.

Although you can also use a garbage bag as well but that may hurt your image while protecting you!

Cover Your Head

Covering your head is very important while you are at the paintball war in the rain. If you don’t cover your head, it may also cause you to shiver which will make you aim shaky and movement sloppy. Water will also drip down your hair into your mask or goggle and that’ll be very bad for your visibility.

Normally people would use a hat or maybe a cap but again we want to suggest something different.

And again we recommend a poncho to you.

Why again?

Because waterproof or rain ponchos come with a hoodie to protect you from rain. It covers your overall body from rainwater just like any other raincoat of rain jacket.

So instead of using separate clothing to cover each part of your body, you can use a waterproof poncho for an overall protection.

Bring Paper Towels

No matter how good your mask or goggles are, they will most likely fog us during a rain battle. That’s true even for the thermal types. You can use paper towels to wipe up the fog. You should face backward from the action with a sitting duck position and then wipe the inside part of the glass using paper towel.

Remember to never remove your mask or goggle during a paintball battle.

Use Boots

On a rainy day, it’ll be muddy and slippery on the battlefield. So you should mind what you wear on your feet. If you simply just wear a sneaker it’ll be hard for you to run properly. Instead, if you put on boots cleats you’ll have better traction on the field. Also, sneakers will easily get soaked which will make your feet cold while boots or cleats won’t get soaked that easily and keep your feet warm.

We recommend Altai 8″ Laced Water Proof

Wear Gloves

You should wear gloves, to prevent your hands from getting wet and soggy. This will again make your hands shiver from cold and also make them slippery from the wetness.

We recommend Trippman Tactical Attack Gloves.

Final Thoughts

Rain is a wonderful blessing from above and contains the beauty of nature itself. You should fully enjoy it while you are doing the stuff you enjoy. So Play paintball in the rain, take precautions, and have fun!


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