Should You Use a Knife in Airsoft?

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Today I shall discuss whether you should use a knife in airsoft or not.

The question if you should use a knife in airsoft or not can be answered in different ways from different perspectives. But first of all-

Do your airsoft game rules allow a knife?

The very first question needed to be answered is, do your game master allow knife usage in the game. If it is allowed, then that means using a knife in that game is legal (replica/rubber knife obviously).

If you are allowed to use a knife, then it all comes down to personal preference.

From my personal experience, I do not like to carry extra weight in a game. So I avoid carrying a knife even though they are allowed. But I am not against using a knife in an airsoft game. Not at all. I have seen a few of the players using knives very effectively when necessary. So, if you like to use a knife, by all means, go for it.

When to use a knife in an airsoft game?

Now, if you are determined or you prefer to use a knife in a game, you should know when to use it. You cannot just throw it from 5 meters of your enemy, right? You have to know how to use it effectively.


If it is quiet in the field and you do not want to make any sound to let other players know your position, use your knife. Simply tap your enemy with the side of your knife.

·         Sneak up from behind

If you are able to suddenly sneak up from behind your enemy you do not have to shoot him from point-blank range. You can either use say ‘bang’ or use the knife.

·         Your enemy is passing by

Sometimes, your enemy is just passing you by and do not even notice you. You can just tap him with the knife to get the kill.

3 universal knife rules in airsoft games

There are 3 universal knife rules in the airsoft games where they are allowed in the first place.

a) Use floppy knife

Obviously, do not use a sharp or hard, steel knife. They might look and feel good in the hand. But you may actually hurt someone even unintentionally. Therefore, use a floppy knife.

b) Do not actually stab

Even with a floppy rubber knife, you can actually hurt someone. Even the floppy knife, before bending, can hurt someone if you actually stab with it. So refrain from that.

Just tap with the side of the knife to your enemy. And it would be count as a kill. There is actually no need to stab him with it.

c) Do not throw the knife

If you opt to use a knife and the game rules allow you to do so, make sure to hold it with your hand. Do not throw it like the Hollywood movies show you to throw. You can really hurt someone with that replica knife. Even though it is not sharp.

What airsoft knife should you use

Lancer Tactical Plastic Combat Knife with Sheath

Though I do not like to carry or use a knife in an airsoft game, I saw people using this knife and are really comfortable with it. This is a plastic knife in a very short budget. It is only under 8$. Therefore, if you want to use one, I would suggest this one. You can find the lancer tactical plastic combat knife with sheath here.

TS Blades Raptor G3

Ts Blades Raptor G3 knife is another rubber (Santoprene) knife that you can use while playing airsoft. Go AirsoftStation to buy Cold Steel Rubber Training Black Bear Classic

Bang vs knifing

If you play airsoft, you should already know about the ‘bang’ rule. For those of you who do not know, if you are in a close range, approximately 5 feet from your enemy, you do not need to shoot him. You can just shout ‘bang’.

If your game allows to use a knife, and you get the chance to tap your enemy with the knife, by all means, go for it. It is just that, it is very rare to get behind or sneak up behind your enemy like that. If you get your enemy in a point-blank range and have a knife, use it instead of the shouting ‘bang’.

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