What is Airsoft?

A Beginner’s Guide Airsoft Games


In this article we are going to tell you what is airsoft and and a guidance to this exciting game.

Airsoft is a shooting sport that involves military tactics in order to achieve certain objectives set by the rules. This military simulation sport is getting popular day by day around everywhere in the world.

As real-life war/battle situations involving firearms becoming evermore fascinating thanks to Hollywood, no wonder people are getting into airsoft more and more.  

To avoid any unwanted situations, all the weapons are checked by the officials before the airsoft game starts. The muzzle velocity of the arms is checked in the FPS. There is an FPS restriction in every airsoft event.

Depending on the country’s law the velocity restrictions may defer. The officials or the match referee will handle those things for the players. 

The History of Airsoft 

Airsoft was first played in Japan. Back in the 1970s, it got popular among the shooting enthusiastic. The strict gun law in Japan makes this sport more attractive as players can shoot each other causing no real damages and injuries in military simulation.

Back then in the early 70s the Green gas used in firing the airsoft pellets which was significantly weaker than the CO2 used in air guns. 

Airsoft game Rules

To know the answer to the question, ‘what is airsoft’ you must, therefore, know the basic rules of it. Of course, the rules vary from game to game. But, here are some basic airsoft basic rules that you should always follow-

Honesty is the best policy in airsoft

If you get shot by an enemy, raise your hand and return to your base. Never try to cheat in airsoft. Honesty is a must in airsoft. Unlike paintball, airsoft shot are not easy to understand. Besides, the match referee/ referees will notice and ban you from the match if they see you cheating.

Don’t shoot in point-blank range in airsoft

If you are in the 10 feet radius of your enemy, never shoot them. Instead, say ‘Bang’. It is also known as ‘Bang’ rule. It is practiced to avoid injuries. However, if there are multiple enemies, this rule won’t apply there. So, keep that in mind.

Follow the necessary protection rules

It means you must cover your eyes while playing airsoft games. Never ever play any kind of airsoft games without any glass or eye protection. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. So protect it at all cost. There are different glasses or goggles for airsoft on amazon. Choose one that suits yourself.

Airsoft Protective Gear

Though there are no strict rules regarding the face protection, you should use one to protect your face. Otherwise, it may hurt really badly if you get shot on your face.

What protective gears you need? Read this article to know about it.

No physical contact is permitted

Physical contact or attack is prohibited in airsoft. You cannot in any condition attack any player or referee physically (making physical contact).

No drugs or alcohol is allowed

You are not permitted to take any drug before or during the airsoft match. Nor any kind of alcohol is permitted. So, keep that in mind. You may enjoy your victory with a bear after the match though.

Don’t take unfair advantages

Sometimes when the field is quite large, airsoft players find some hiding or any other kinds of unfair advantages. Don’t play unfair. But that does not mean you cannot take any advantages at all. Well, it all comes down to your judgment call in the play.

Avoid headshots

When you are aiming at your enemies, never target your enemy’s head. It can cause some serious injuries if it hit vital organs by any chance. For example, if the BBs hit the eyes or teeth at 350+ fps it could cause serious damage. Of course, the players are required to use glasses, but still even on the cheek could hurt enormously.

To protect your head use helmet or mask.


Airsoft Game Types 

To know what is airsoft, you should also know the airsoft game types.

There are various kinds of airsoft games that you can play. Depending on the game types, the rules change, obviously. Among them, these airsoft game types are the most popular- 

Team Deathmatch 

Team deathmatch is probably the most popular among all the game types. This is the most basic type too. Two teams fight each other. Each kill is rewarded with certain points and after the time limit, the team with more kills/ points wins. 

Capture the Flag 

The players divided into two groups. One of the groups is the attacker, and another one is the defender. 

The attacking group shall attack to capture the flag which should be placed in an open area (visible). And the defending team shall defend the flag at all costs. And after capturing the attacking team must bring it back home base. If the flag carrying player gets shot, he/she should drop the flag there. And his teammate should carry it then.  

This type of match is played in two different variations.

  1. Live flag
  2. Dead flag 


This type of airsoft games has ‘hide and seek’ vibe in it. Yes, you guessed right. The sniper has to hide and survive himself from all the other players. To a certain time, he has to survive. He can take out his enemies cautiously so that it does not reveal his place.

Can You Kill a Deer with an Airsoft Gun
Can you kill deer with airsoft guns?


Medic is just another feature added to the traditional team deathmatch type. The additional feature is an airsoft medic player. The medic’s job is to heal the wounded players. He cannot carry heavy weapons. He can have only one small sidearm.

Close quarter combat (CQB)

Close quarter combat is usually arranged inside a building with multiple rooms. These type of games usually requires fewer players and often more engaging than the rest of the types.

Cops and robbers

Cops and robbers are the types of airsoft matches where players are divided into two teams. One of the teams would play the roles of the cops and the other team will play as robbers. The cops’ team’s job would be to defeat the robbers’ team. And the other team will do the same.

Defend the Fortress

This type of games is played by dividing the players into two different teams. The defending team takes cover inside a building or ‘fortress’. Their job is to defend the base from the enemies to invade at all cost. And the attacking team will launch the attack to invade the fortress. That is the basic rule.

To know about the airsoft game types read this article.


Airsoft Roles 

There are different kinds of airsoft roles that you can play as. Here are some common and well-known airsoft roles. You will have a better idea of what is airsoft.

Squad Leader 

Each of the team has a squad leader among them. He is the decision-maker of the team. Whether to wait or push forward, he makes the call and other members obey. 


Medic heals the wounded members. Whenever anyone gets shot he calls the medic and takes cover. If the medic can arrive on time, he can heal his team member. Otherwise, he will bleed out. 

Support Gunner 

A support gunner usually comes with a heavy rifle or submachine gun. With heavy firepower, he provides support to his team when they are pushing forward or even when they are falling back.  


Riflemen act as the main force actually. They fight in the front line. With their suitable airsoft rifle, they encounter the enemy. The other players are to aid them to do so. 

Airsoft sniper 

Snipers are probably the coolest among all the different roles of airsoft. They take out enemies from a long distance and allows other team members to push forward. 

Here are some pro tips to be an airsoft sniper.

Legal restrictions 

There are different kinds of legal restrictions on airsoft in different countries. Some countries allow playing Airsoft freely. Some of them don’t allow at all. And some countries have some specific restrictions, if you can maintain them, you can play airsoft. But, most of the countries allow 18 years or above old people to buy airsoft guns and rifles.

To know, more about the airsoft legal restrictions, you can read this post where is airsoft legal.

What is airsoft BB

Airsoft bbs are ammunitions used by the airsoft guns. The spherical projectiles are known as airsoft pellets. BBs are the terms used for the metal projectiles of BB air gun/ air gun. The airsofters often use this term instead of airsoft pellets.

Airsoft bullets/ pellets  

There are various kinds of airsoft pellets.

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Markers
  3. Non-traceable
  4. Tracers
  5. Ceramic
  6. Metallic
  7. Paint- spherical projectiles
Airsoft ammo
Can you kill deer with airsoft guns?

Airsoft in Military Training

I often hear people ask, whether airsoft is used in military training. Yes, they use airsoft guns and pellets to train the troops. Why does the military have to use airsoft guns when they have real guns and ammunition?

For 3 reasons actually-

  1. Economical ammunition
  2. Relatively safe projectiles
  3. Realism

And many of you might know already. Many of the airsoft game types and strategies came from military training. So, yes airsoft is perfect for military training and war scenarios.

Is airsoft different from paintball

Yes, it is, in so many ways airsoft is different from paintball. There are so many things different that cannot be described in short. So, I will suggest you to go read this article here airsoft vs paintball.

Is airsoft better than paintball

Well, if you ask a paintball player, he shall definitely sell paintball is better than airsoft. And the airsoft players shall tell you that airsoft is better than paintball in every way.

So, in short, yes Airsoft is definitely better than paintball. At least in my point of view.


So, basically, what airsoft is a military simulation sport with replica rifles and pistols that shoot plastic pellets with no real damage to the players. Airsoft replicates a war/crisis situation and allows military tactics with replica weapons and more importantly with no real damage involved.  I hope you got a basic idea of what is airsoft and how to play it.

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