5 Airsoft Training Drills You Need To Master in 2020 | Tips for Newbie

Airsoft Drills

5. Airsoft CQB training drills 

Close quarter combats are very different from the outdoor airsoft games. Therefore, the airsoft training drills that would make you better, are a bit different. For example, room clearing drills. 

Room clearing tactics 

In a CQB airsoft game, you would have to go through certain areas or rooms and clear them out. Clearing means, taking a position and eliminating enemies at close range fights. There are 2 types of room clearing popular. 

Aggressive room clearing 

Aggressive room-clearing involves a large number of team members to rush inside a room together. They confront the enemies and clears the room. As the name suggests, it is an aggressive tactic and causes a heavy casualty. But it is a popular tactic. 

Tactical room clearing 

I like this plan of action. It is effective, requires less manpower and it causes few casualties if applied correctly.  

Military training with airsoft guns 

Are airsoft weapons used in military training? 

The simple answer to this question is no. 

Army or marine do not use airsoft weapons in their military training. They use real guns and simunition instead. So basically there are 3 reasons for why the military does not use airsoft weapons in their combat training. They are


In airsoft, there is almost no kickback while shooting an enemy. Or should I say the kickback is so tiny that the shooter does not notice it? It is because there is no gun powder involved here. Airsoft guns fire bbs using electricity, gas power or the spring power. So, there is a significant difference between the real gun and the airsoft guns. 

However, some of the airsoft guns company provides a kickback system in their guns to make it more realistic. But it only decreases the reliability. The only exception might be the Tokyo Marui AEG. 


Recoiling is also a feature of a real firearm. Obviously, it decreases the shooting accuracy. So, when it comes to real weapons, the manufacturers want to reduce it as much possible. The airsoft guns do not have to recoil for the same reason. However, some of the airsofters want the realistic feel of it. So, they customize themselves for the recoil. And some of the brands do provide that too. But it is nothing spectacular and hampers your airsoft gaming experience.  


Airsoft guns are somewhat pretty accurate while shooting in close range. But their shooting accuracy drastically falls when the range increases. Though, the sniper rifles are a bit more accurate than the assault rifles at long range. However, the accuracy depends on Bernoulli’s principle, Newton’s 3rd law of motion and the wind movement. As the airsoft shots are nowhere near as fast as the original ammunition, they tend to move quite drastically and becomes less accurate. The lower the fps is, the accuracy decreases just as much.  

So, the next question is quite obvious. Do the veterans dislike airsoft? Or do they play airsoft at all? 

The answer is no, they don’t dislike airsoft. It is quite the contrary. And yes many of the veterans play and enjoy airsoft just as much. In fact, you will find tons of videos on YouTube on ‘ex-military plays Airsoft’ key phrase.  

All the Airsoft training drills must be performed with full gears

And last but not least, you should always practice and perform the drills wearing your outfits on. You should carry your primary weapon, sidearm, magazines all the usual stuff with you. It will make you get used to with your stuff.

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5 Airsoft Training Drills You Need To Master in 2020 | Tips for Newbie
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