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Airsoft BB is one of the most overlooked part of the accessories that you need to play airsoft games. In this article we will tell you about the best airsoft bbs for your airsoft guns according to their fps.

Why you should not buy cheap bb?

When you use low quality and cheap airsoft bbs it can jam or break your airsoft gun.

There are cheap airsoft bbs out in the market. You can buy tons of these airsoft bbs at a very cheap price from the market. But if you use these bbs, you can harm your airsoft guns. That is why you should not buy cheap bbs.

Should you reuse airsoft bb?

Never ever should you reuse your airsoft bbs. Why?

Because airsoft bbs are meant to be used once. The bb companies make them to shoot as accurately as the airsoft gun can manage. So, when you reuse the these bbs, the accuracy significantly decreases and there is a possibility that the bb may break while reusing. And it can jam and damage your 100$ airsoft gun. 

So, you should not reuse airsoft bb for these reasons

  1. It will surely damage your airsoft guns.
  2. The significantly decreased accuracy.
  3. It decreases your shooting range too.
  4. Low Price of airsoft BB.

You can reuse airsoft bbs if you are at home and using a cheap airsoft gun.

Airsoft BBs by weight

There are different types of airsoft bb that you can use. Are all of them good and the same? Definitely no. So what bb should you use? We will describe that in short decisive way.

.12 airsoft bbs

Should you use .12 bbs?

No, you should not use .12 airsoft bb in your gun.

Because these bbs are badly manufactured. Some of them are not even circular. It can jam your gun, there are ton of issues of this bbs.

They can not make an accurate shot, it can break while firing. Even the flight trajectory of this type of bb is poor. The main reason behind that is this .12 bbs get easily affected by wind.

Best use for .12 bbs

.12 bbs are of low grades. So if you are to use them, use them in the cheap and low grade airsoft gun or in your garage with your family just to have fun.

.20 airsoft bbs

If you are new in airsoft and searching for the right bb to start shooting, .20 airsoft is a perfect choice. It is the accepted standard when it comes to the weight type of bb. And there is a lot of company that makes .20 airsoft bb.

Why you should use .20 bbs

Here are a few reasons why you should use .20 airsoft bb-

Various manufacturers

There are various different manufacturers who make this type of bbs. You can choose any manufacturer you like.

Quality and consistency

The quality of the most of the .20 bbs are pretty damn good. And moreover they are consistently well manufactured. You will rarely find any defective bb.

Best use for .20 airsoft bb

.20 bbs are mainly used for indoor airsoft games. Close Combat or CQB are special for these bbs. As this types of bbs have very little imperfection, you can choose them for any guns you like.

If you are new to airsoft, this is the bb you need to start with. Moreover, you will make a more accurate and longer shot with this bb.

.25 airsoft bbs

.25 airsoft bb is the most common among all the airsoft players. After you get used to airsoft games, you should switch to .25 bb.

Why you should use .20 bbs

Here are some reasons why you should use .20 airsoft bb

Most common bb

If you play a few games, you should already know this one is the most common bb among players. Once you start using them you will understand why this one is the most common one.

Longer range

.25 airsoft bb will give you longer range to shoot. Actually range comes with the guns that you are using. However, .25 grams will help to utilize the full range of your airsoft gun.


This .25 bb will help you to make more accurate shots. Especially in medium to long range shots.

Best use for .25 airsfot bb

You can use or rather you should use .25 any airsoft pistol or rifle except sniper rifles that you use for very long shots.

Therefore close range and medium range is perfect for .25 airsoft bb.

.28 airsoft bbs

After you getting used to .25 bbs, players often shifts from .25 to .28 bbs.

Why you should .28 bbs

If you are wondering if you should use .28 airsoft bb here are some reasons for that-

Suitable for outdoor venue

This type of airsoft bbs are most suitable for outdoor airsoft games.

More accurate in outdoor

.28 bbs are more accurate in outdoor games. So if you are playing outdoor game, and want to utilize your 300 fps scar l airsoft rifle.

Best use for .28 bbs

If you are playing airsoft in a large area, .28 airsoft should be a perfect choice for you. But we do not recommend to use this bb in a close quarter combat or cqb battle.

.30 airsoft bbs

Now we are going to talk about bbs that are used for sniper rifle. .30 is an entry level bb for a sniper rifle.

Why you should use .30 airsoft bb

For snipers

.30 airosft bbs are meant for 400+ fps rifles. Sniper rifles are the ones that you use these bbs into.

Ability to cut through wind

As it is much heavier bbs than what we previously mentioned, it has the ability to cut through wind.

Increase accuracy

Using .30 bbs will increase your accuracy in your rifle.

Best use for .30 bbs

The best use for this .30 bb is the long ranged airsoft guns. In other words sniper rifles.

.36 airsoft bbs

Up next is .36 bb. These bbs are heavier than .30 airsoft bb. So should why should you use it? Let us find out.

Why you should .36 bbs

The heavier the bbs you use the better they are for long range shots. So if you are into long range airsoft shooting, .36 bbs are for you.

Best use for .36 bbs

The best use for .36 airsoft bbs are the sniper rifles that an airsoft sniper use. Btw, do you want to be a great airsoft sniper?

Read this article.

.40g airsoft bbs

At last we have .40g airsoft bb in our list.

Why you should .40 bbs

So the question is why you should use this kind of heavy airsoft bb?

Because of more accurate and long ranged sniper shot, you should use .40 airsoft bbs.

But do not use this type of bb in close quarter combat or cqbs. This is only meant for higher fps and long ranged rifles.

So if you want to use this bb, keep that in mind.

Cheap airsoft bbs

There are bunch of cheap bbs out there in the market that you can buy, which you should not do. Well I clearly gave you an answer at the beginning of the post, so if you’ve skipped it for some reason, then go to the top of the post to get it.

But considering the low price, should you overlook the quality here?

I mean is it not worth the very low price it comes at?

The answer is NO.

Because it will damage your airsoft gun sooner or later. So NEVER use cheap bbs in an airsoft match. But if you have a 15$ airsoft pistol and want to have fun with your family, you can go for it.

Biodegradable airsoft bbs

Biodegradable BBS

So, biodegradable bbs are very popular nowadays. People often ask me – What are biodegradable (BIO) BBs and do I need them? So here is the answer for you.

Click in the link to know the price Bioval 0.30g Biodegradable Airsoft BBs  in Airsoft Station.

What is biodegradable bb?

In short this bbs get dissolve on the ground when exposed to the natural environment. The manufacturers make these kinds of bbs specially designed so that they can melt or break down and merge with the soil.

Are all airsoft bbs biodegradable?

No. Not all bbs are biodegradable. Some of the bbs are and some of the bbs are non-biodegradable in other sense, normal bbs.

Should you use biodegradable bbs?


They are environment friendly. So you should definitely go for this one if you can.


If your venue does not allow you to use biodegradable bbs, then do not use them.

Some cqb venues does not allow them actually. So keep that in mind.

6mm airsoft bbs

Airsoft bbs are generally of 5.95mm – 6mm diameter. So all the .12g, .20g, .30g or even .40g airsoft bbs are 6mm or 5.95 mm. You can say 6mm is the standard diameter of airsoft bb’s size.

What is the best airsoft bb?

There are quite a few great airsoft bb manufacturer out there doing their job. That is to produce the best airsoft bb they can manage in their price range.

Here is the best airsoft bb brand by our recommendation.

Elite Force BBS
Biodegradable BBS

Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BB

If you are searching for the best airsoft bbs that work well in all kinds of airsoft guns Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BB is the right choice for you. These bbs are very popular due to its top-notch quality.

Why should you use Elite force bb?

Elite force is hands down the best airsoft bb. This Taiwanese bbs are distributed by Umarex USA. You use AEG? Spring powered rifle or pistol? Or perhaps you use GBB also known as Gas Blow Back airsoft guns. No matter which airsoft gun you use, Elite Force Airsoft BBs are simply the best in terms of quality and consistency.

Seamless and double polished airsoft bb

Elite Force Premium will give you double-polished airsoft bbs. And moreover, they are seamless. So that says a lot about the satisfaction when you shoot these bbs from your 100$ airsoft bb. And when you are shooting from a long-range, you will know the difference.

Bio and Standard airsoft bb

They make both of the standard and biodegradable bbs. So you can choose whichever you want depending on the game rules and the venue of course.

Where to Buy Elite Force Airsoft BB

Do you want to buy the Elite Force Premium Airsoft bb online? Click in the link to get them from Airsoft.

There are some other great airsoft bb brands too.

Evike EMG International Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB

Do you want to buy Evike EMG International Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB? Click here to get Evike EMG International Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB from amazon.

BioShot Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BB

Click in the link to know the price of BioShot Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BB in Amazon.

Crosman Match Grade and Premier 6mm Airsoft BB

Click in the link to know the price of Crosman Match Grade and Premier 6mm Airsoft BB in Amazon.

Valken Accelerate and Infinity 6mm Airsoft BB

Click in the link to know the price of Valken Accelerate and Infinity 6mm Airsoft BB in Amazon.

What weight of airsoft BB should I use?

I already answered the question in an elaborate manner. read the first half of the article you will get it too.

How big is an airsoft bb?

We often come to this question about the radius of airsoft bb. Well, those of you who do not know, airsoft bbs are around 6mm. No matter what is the weight of the bb, they will be around this radius. Some of the special kinds of airsoft guns use 8mm bb though. But they are very rare.

What are Airsoft BB made from?

Airsoft bbs are made of polylactide which is also known as PLA. So after you use airsoft bb, those bbs are renewable. You can melt them down and remake new bbs from the raw material.

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