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Medic in airsoft is not one of the most popular airsoft roles to play. But surely it gives great results on the battlefield. So, what to do? How to become an airsoft medic? Let’s find out how to become an Airsoft Medic. 

Your friends will shout ‘Medic’ and won’t move  

After getting a shot, your friends or the team members will shout for you to heal them. You shall have to go for the rescue. Yes, you have to heal your team members. And by the time you get there, your team members are not allowed to move from where they were shot. Therefore, you would have to travel a good distance after hearing the call. Well, this gives the basic idea of being an airsoft medic.  

After getting healed, they will be able to move 

After you get there, your task is simple. You heal the wounded team members. After getting healed, they will be able to move again. And you must heal them before the time limit. We will talk about the time limit later in the post. 

Each team have the same number of medic (usually 2)  

As you know, the game always starts with the same number of people in both teams, the number of medics is also the same. Therefore if your team has 2 Medic your opponent team also have 2 medics. If the number of medics allowed is 1, neither one of the two teams is allowed to have more than one. 

We usually play with 1 airsoft medic here. You can have as many as you like. If the airsoft field is huge and covers a lot of areas and there are 15-20 players in each team, you can have 2 or even 3 medics in your team.  

One suggestion. If you are low in players like us, then you can play with 1 medic and different variation. I will talk about different variation for airsoft medic below. 

Each medic has the same number of bandage   

Each of the teams will have the same number of bandages. When the game starts, the number of total bandages is the same. So the bandages will depend on how the medic spent the bandages. 

And as the game progresses, the number of the bandages will reduce. 

An airsoft medic cannot treat himself  

Although you are a medic and heal other wounded team members. However, medics cannot heal or treat himself. So the medic must be healed by either another medic or the other members. It depends on the game rules.

The medic cannot treat teammates with no bandage

After spending all the bandages at hand, the medic won’t be able to save or treat other team members without any bandage. So, if you want to play as airsoft medic, and run out of bandages, you will have to either come back to the supply or play as a normal player. Because airsoft medic cannot heal or treat without any bandages. Therefore, what you would do in that situation will solely depend on the situation and the game rules.

Bleed out rule

You cannot possibly heal everybody on your team. Some of them would bleed out before you get there. That is because there is a time limit to heal the wounded teammates in airsoft. You cannot heal your teammate after the time limit is passed.   

For example, you are playing as an airsoft medic. Healing your teammates on the left side of the field or the forest. However, there is another one or two of your teammates has got shot in the right side of the field.  

Variations to play as an airsoft medic

There are some variations of the games that you can play as an airsoft medic. Here are the variations-

1) Other players can treat the airsoft medic  

There are some variants that you can play airsoft as a medic. For example, the game rule might allow you to revive or treat the medic of your team. If that is the case, the medic can be treated by the other members of the team. Of course, there is a time limit (ex: 5 minutes) to treat the medic. If the time limit passes before treating him, the medic would be out of the game for good.   

Therefore, if the game rules allow treating the medic and you see the medic of your team gets shot, treat him Asap. And if you are the medic, just find a cover, call for help and wait for the help to arrive.  

2) After finishing the bandage he can go back to the supply area and get more bandage

Some of the airsoft games allow the medic to bring more bandage after they spend all of their bandages. However, sometimes they won’t allow you to bring more bandages after you spend all of your bandages by treating your teammates.   

Therefore, if the game rules allow you to do so, go back to your supply area, and bring some more bandages to treat your teammates. Of course, you will have to move quickly to get to the supply, because your wounded allies won’t last forever.  

3) Instead of a medic, the members can heal each other  

In another variation, the game rules do not require any designated medic player. Rather, it allows the player to heal one another after getting hit.   

For example, you are playing airsoft as a sniper, suddenly you see one of your teammates gets hit. You can heal him yourself despite being a sniper, despite not being a medic. Because the game airsoft game rules do not require any medic to treat the players, there is no need for designated medic players.  

This version tends to get much more popular in the Asia region,   

Which variation to play?  

Which variation sounds interesting to you? Choose which one sounds more fun. Of course, the rules won’t be decided by you, if you are not the one who is hosting the game. However, you can always talk to the authority who arranges the game and suggest them a better and more fun option.  

After all, we play airsoft for fun, don’t we?

Can you revive someone twice in airsoft?

Well, usually as a medic you can revive only once by putting a bandage around his arm. So, when you see anyone of your teammate gets shot with a bandage already around his arm, you should not go heal or revive him. Otherwise, it will be considered as cheating. On the other hand, depending on the game rules you can revive someone more than once. But, usually, that is not the case. So, I would like to suggest you go through the game rules beforehand.

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