How To Win an Airsoft War?

21 Great Airsoft Tips That Work


We play airsoft for fun. But of course, we want to win the airsoft war that we play. Let’s just say, we want to have fun and win.

So today, I am going to talk about 21 great tips that will help you to win an airsoft war.

1) Choose a good Team Leader 

A team leader or captain is essential in airsoft. In every team, there should be a team leader who takes the decisions and everyone else follows him. And, if he gets shot the second in command takes the lead. To win an airsoft war, you must choose a team leader wisely. 

Otherwise, your team won’t be able to act accordingly in the game. Sometimes a good leader alone can change the tide of the game. So, keep that in mind and choose your leader wisely. Make the most skillful and experienced player your leader. 

2) Follow your team leader’s orders 

As I said earlier, the team leader should be the most experienced player. When he gives an order to move forward or fall back, obey him. But then again, if you are in a situation when you see some enemy movements that your team leader doesn’t see, tell him that and ask him to reassess the situation.  

Try to carry out your orders. If the leader makes mistakes tell him gently and logically. So that it doesn’t create any misunderstanding.  

3) Act as a team  

Always act as a team. If your goal is to win the war, the teamwork is essential. As airsoft is a team sport, you cannot win a game alone. Cover for your teammates, give them information about the enemy movements if you have any. Ask for their cover fire when you push forward.  

If your team is on the run, make sure everyone can escape. Acting as a team makes the probability of winning a lot high.  

4) Use cover win an Airsoft war

When you are facing an enemy or pushing forward or even falling back, always take cover. Otherwise, you might get shot at any time, sometimes before you know it.

Therefore, to win an airsoft war, you should always take cover, whether you defend or attack or regroup. Like in real battle, using surroundings as the cover is very important.

5) Watch out for snipers

When you are moving, watch out for the enemy snipers. If you move carelessly, you will very likely to be taken out before you know it. This happens very often.

The game starts, the new players try to rush into the enemy bases. And the snipers take them out with ease.

So, to avoid that, when you move alone or your team, always look for the enemy snipers. Or ask your team’s sniper or marksman if there is any sniper nearby. Sometimes the players that have been shot knows about the hidden snipers. Ask them about the location of the snipers.  

6) Think before you do  

Don’t just rush in. Use your head. Think what the best course of action is. Sometimes taking a detour is the best choice. Sometimes pushing forward with your team is the best option. So make sure you think it through before you do anything.   

7) Lighten Your Load  

When you first buy your weapons and accessories, tweak them, customize them. Leave the unnecessary parts. It will lighten your weight. Keep it as light as possible. Carry what is absolutely necessary and the things that will help you to win the war. Leave everything else.

8) Be Stealthy 

When you move, move with caution. Make as less noise as possible. It is more applicable for the airsoft snipers. If you are a sniper, keep a sharp eye on your surrounding and move stealthily.  

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Suppose, you are in a forest and there are dry leaves and tree branches all around you. Don’t step on them. It would make noise and let your enemy know your position. So avoid them if possible. 

If you hear any sound around you, try to use them when you move. 

9) Keep moving to win an airsoft war

In an airsoft match, never stay in the same location for too long. Keep moving. But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot take rest or should not stay still.

Suppose you have found a place to hide and take good shots on your enemies. But the problem is if you do that, and do not move very often you take the risk of being exposed by the enemies pretty soon. So, no matter how good of a spot you found, care not to stick in the same position for too long.

10) Listen to the sound

When you are moving inside the forest, searching for the enemies, keep your ears sharp. You may hear your enemies’ footsteps or noises of breaking dry branches. It happens many times during airsoft games in my cases.

If you hear something, take cover. Trust your instinct and ears. Depending on the wind movement you might be able to listen from a great distance.

11) Take care of your guns 

Your weapon is your responsibility. You should always take care of your guns. Before and after you start the game, you should clean and check your primary and sidearm. It will help you to avoid bad experiences of malfunctions during the airsoft games. So, it is better to be prepared for that. It is better to avoid them in advance. Here is what you should do-  

12) Cleaning the barrel of the airsoft gun

Every now and then, you need to clean the barrel of your airsoft rifle. Otherwise, it can deviate the shooting projectile. People often face this kind of situations during a game. Cleaning the barrel is very easy.  

a) Caring for the magazine of the airsoft gun

The magazine is one of the key parts of your airsoft guns. So, you need to take care of it. If you want it to last for a long time and the best out of it in the airsoft war.

b) Spring Airsoft gun’s magazine

After finishing each game, pull out all the bbs out of your magazine. Make it completely empty. Otherwise, the springs will always be at pressure. This will lessen your magazine lifetime. I personally do not clean my airsoft guns after the game due to exhaustion. But, I never forget to make the magazine empty.

c) Gas Airsoft gun’s magazine

For the gas guns, eject the gas from the gun. But do not use the release valve of it. And use a few drops of lubricant. This will help the components remain intact.

d) Unjamming your airsoft gun 

To unjam the airsoft gun, find a rod that fits your gun’s barrel. Take the clip or the magazine. Cock it up. Hold it in that position. Now, insert the rod inside the barrel. Jam it up and down a bit. Soon, the bb stuck inside that should come out.

To win an airsoft war, you must need these things in your arsenal. So, before you jump into the game, make sure you have what you need.  

13) Airsoft side arms are more important than you think

Airsoft Sidearm

Sidearms are very important in airsoft. No matter which role you play in airsoft, make you have a good sidearm. You never know when you will have to rely on it. Preparing for that is a good thing. 

14) Take extra ammo with you  

Always carry some extra ammo with you. You might have to share your ammo with your teammates at some point of the airsoft war. So, if you are in that kind of situation and you too are out of ammo just like your teammates, good luck to win the airsoft war.  

15) Eye, teeth and ear protection  

You should always protect your sensitive body parts. Your eyes are the most sensitive of all. Make sure to wear eye protection to avoid any kind of injury to your eyes.  

Just like eyes, make sure to cover your teeth and ear. If you get hit by the projectiles on your teeth or ears, it would cause some severe pain. So, make sure you cover them before the game starts.  

16) Large area for a war  

A large area for an airsoft game makes it a lot more interesting and enjoyable to play. Except for the close-quarter combat games. Those are meant to be played in a short area. Otherwise, try to play in a large area.  

17) 10 or more airsoft players 

Airsoft Players

If you have less than 10 people, you wouldn’t enjoy the game a bit. It is enjoyable rather among a large number of people. So make sure you have enough people to play.   

18) Light Body Armor  

To move freely and with ease, choose light body armor. Of course, it looks cool to wear heavy armor and all. But when you do that, moving fast at times becomes almost painful. And to win an airsoft war, you must always move from one place to another. So make sure you have lightweight body armor.  

19) Take water and be hydrated  

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. It is very important when you are playing any kind of sport. Therefore, carry a water bottle with you when you play airsoft. A bottle of water should not be that heavy to carry.

20) Camouflage clothing 

When you are playing airsoft outside, try to choose the clothes according to the surroundings. It will help you to blend with it. Your enemies will find it difficult to shoot you down. Take the benefit. If you are an easy eye-catcher, your enemies will shoot you dead in no time.  

21) Take some snacks

Keep a few efficient but light food with you. It will help you gain your energy if it is a long battle and the airsoft game covers a long area. Carry a few chocolate bars with you. It will come in handy, at times. You can carry them from home or just buy in the venue. Usually, I like to prepare everything beforehand.

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