Can Airsoft Guns Kill Animals? | A Brief Discussion

Can you kill animals with airsoft gun?

Can Airsoft Guns Kill a Cat?

Usually, a cat is definitely smaller than your average deer or a dog. So there is a possibility of it being killed if shot by a powerful enough airsoft gun. But can airsoft guns kill a cat? Can the possibility be a reality?

I mean can a 0.4 gm. Plastic BB pallet that shoots 550 fps really kill a cat?

It will certainly hurt if the cat is shot in the eye and the eye will be permanently blind. But since cats are not animals which can be hunted like a deer, there is no way to measure against a standard hunting gun. I got nothing else in my hand so I just started searching online for some kind of revelation and stumbled upon numerous forums and discussions. According to discussions in yahoo answers, it won’t kill a cat but it will hurt them pretty much. Almost all of them advised not to shoot. also have similar answers.

With all the fur over the cat skin, it will be heard even to break the skin let alone penetrate the flesh enough to kill a cat. With a high-speed heavy airsoft pallet, it will break the cat skin at the point of impact which would probably become infected soon. So don’t think about practicing shooting on cats just because it will not die.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill Small animals like rats, squirrels, and rabbits?

I think it’s highly plausible to kill small animals like rats, squirrels, and rabbits with airsoft guns due to their small body and relatively thin skin. But what do I know since I’m no expert?

Vicky Clain asserted in a guest post that he already discussed this topic with Goog gun specialist and several trained military personal. According to them, a high-speed airsoft gun is good enough to hunt small animals. Vicky Clain described that powerful airsoft rifle capable of shooting airsoft BBs at a velocity of 350 to 450 fps or higher.

So if that’s the case then I think it will be relatively easy to hunt small animals like rats, squirrels, and rabbits with an airsoft gun shooting BBs at 550 fps speed. But one needs to keep that in mind that his or her aim must be sharpened. Cause without proper aim, the animal will be wounded and suffer. With the proper aim, you can even shoot down birds. So you need a clear shot preferably on the head if you want to kill the animal in one shot. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just go out with a high-speed airsoft gun in your hand and start to hunt down those animals.


It is unethical

It’ll be unethical to do that and cruel as well if the animal is by chance not properly shot and get wounded. In real life, you should only shoot at those animals for proper reason and with real guns. You can only use airsoft guns for hunting in a post-apocalyptic world where food, guns, ammo and other supplies are scarce.

My Conclusion on Killing Animals with Airsoft Guns

Killing big animals with airsoft guns is not actually possible. It’s only possible to hurt them on the skin badly or rupture their skin. This is nearly not enough to kill a big animal like a dog or deer but it might get them infected. Although in a sense you can kill it by getting it infected through its ruptured skin that’s a whole different story.

Small animals like rats, squirrels, rabbits, and birds like crows and pigeons can be hunt down with high-speed airsoft guns shooting heavy BBs if you have a proper aim.

But you shouldn’t actually try it out because those animals could suffer and it would be inappropriate to make them go through this kind of suffering.

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